Bairava Tamil Movie Review

The prime intention and motive behind any Vijay movie is to entertain. Entertainment through heavy dose of songs, dance,romance and action packaged in a familiar template with the actor donning the role of a savior is the trademark style and ingredient that we regularly see. Logic takes a backseat. There is no place for any form of class here as pure mass is the ultimate word that one can label the movies of the actor.

Quite naturally with these things back in my mind, I was expecting just a movie that is just a mass entertainer with all those elements that was noted above in ample dose to fill my entertainment appetite. But Bairavaa, except for that lively first half turn into a lengthy and silly stuff. Even if we are to ignore everything in the name of entertainment and mass, this film from Bharathan who had previously directed Vijay in Azhagiya Tamiz Magan is a tedious watch and entertain only partially.

Just like his earlier flicks, here in Bairavaa too our hero is a savior. But this time its not a village or a community he is rescuing but something different. The protagonist Bairavan is a loan collection agent with a bank. He bumps into a girl named Malarvizhi and connected with this girl, Bairavan gets involve in some issues which the film portray in a close to three hour drama.

The plot has lot of social relevance at present especially if we associate it with a controversial case which has created ripples in Kerala. But the importance and seriousness of the storyline somewhere gets diluted which can mainly be attributed to a poor presentation and weak writing. Bharathan who has associated with the actor before both as a director and writer takes inspiration from many masala movies of Vijay but he fails execute the movie in a free flowing way.

The result is a half baked entertainer that is unevenly paced lacking the punch and energy that we normally see in a mass entertainer. Even for a movie of this genre, there should be something fresh in it but the presentation is too outdated following the so called template.

By now having acted out in numerous movies with similar shades, presenting himself in characters like these have become so easy and more of a cakewalk for Vijay. He carries the film on his shoulders all alone in his signature style without trying out anything different from what he does. Being in his safe zone, he tried his best in a weak screenplay and executed the action scenes with style. Dances weren't quite effective as the choreography department couldn't provide some interesting steps to utilize the full skills of the actor.

Keerthy Suresh was able to make her presence felt even with Vijay at full throttle. Jagapathy Babu and Daniel Balaji are the two antagonists in the movie. Both were looking menacing until at some stage of the movie, their characters looked like caricatures and became less effective. Aparna Vinod, Sija Rose, Seema G Nair and Vijayaraghavan from Malayalam industry do have roles to their credit in the movie, some in notable roles while some with less prominent characters.

Cinematography wasn't that beautiful. Similar is the case of editing that looked sloppy at times. There were many unwanted scenes that badly needed to be chopped off but that didn't happen resulting in unnecessarily pushing the film by an extra thirty minutes or so. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is another area that was a let down. Catchy tunes is a prime ingredient in a mass movie which Bairavaa clearly lacked.

Bairavaa has in it some exciting moments like high voltage action sequences, romance and little humour which are essential for a masala flick but overall it is a dull film with less amount of color and fun to make it a clean entertainer. For die hard Vijay fans, there is little to cheer about (fans might contradict with me on this) and in short Bairavaa turns out to be an entertainer devoid of soul.

Rating - 2 / 5


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