Ek Paheli Leela Hindi Movie Review

A much improved Sunny Leone as far as acting is concerned, music (though songs are in overdose) and a twist in the tale at the fag end are the only saving grace in an otherwise lacklustre film Ek Paheli Leela directed by Bobby Khan. The story had some thrilling feel and promised a spark but too much of untimely songs close to a dozen that appear at every five or ten minutes spoil the mood. Ultimately the film is in a sinking mood that gets a little life at the climax but that doesn't change the outcome of the movie.
The plot is reincarnation of Leela into the present world as Meera who is a super model based in London. She travel to India for a modelling assignment and the story is set in Rajasthan where Meera meets a Royal Prince and marry him. Then we have Karan, a musician who is having a dream every night that connects with the heroine. Rest of the plot try to show the connection between Meera and Leela through the reincarnation.
Story and the content has some solidity to it but much of the dialogues were artificial giving a sort of irritating feel spoiling the entertainment. Also majority of the dialogues had a sexual tone to it that after a point it becomes unbearable.
Bobby Khan has exploited the presence of Sunny Leone the best he can from a censoring perspective but beyond a point, the prime focus of the movie is lost that tilt the plot to a mere skin show of the former porn star. What could have been presented in a two hour running time is stretched and the chief architect of this is the presence of too many songs. The film runs through the present and travail to the past testing the patience level especially the second half but I should say the ending was somewhat okay.
Not much was expected from Sunny Leone on the acting side as the actress is followed by many for something else. But she has improved quite a lot. Seduction, lust, dancing, emoting and dialogue delivery, she was upto the task and didn't make it bad. Not much familiar with the rest of the actors except Rahul Dev who did a decent job as the sculptor Bhairav.
Songs are mostly recreated ones and as i said too much of them timed wrongly made a bitter feel but even then music is one of the majpr pluspoint of this movie. Cinematography was nice while editing could have been better.
Overall, Ek Paheli Leela is a shoddy piece of work from debutant Bobby Khan that try to cash in on the Leone factor but the end result is poor. My rating is one and a half out of five.
Rating - 1.5 / 5


Guaranteed unlimited fun for the kids is Home, the animated movie coming from the creators of Dragons and Croods. The film from an animation movie perspective serves it purpose of entertaining kids and at the same time offer a pleasing experience for matured audiences as well.
Directed by Tim Johnson for Dreamworks Animation, Home is colourful and funny but in terms of freshness the film has nothing in it and is a passable one for a one time watch for the younger lots.
The story revolves around an alien group called Boov living a peaceful life. But they are frequently chased by the Gorgs. They relocate to Planet Earth to escape from the Gorgs but their relocation plan do not go as they thought since they are again chased by Gorgs here in Earth also.
Animation is not brilliant but acceptable. Whoever has lent their voices to the various animated characters have done their job well. Background score was good and also the songs have also been tuned well.
Overall, a one time watchable above average movie is Home and will definitely be passable for the audience who are targeted and they are the kids. Accompanying parents too will not find it disappointing either. My rating is three out of five.
Rating - 3 / 5

Maryadaraman Malayalam Movie Review

The trend and pattern of Dileep movie continue yet again. A remake of Telugu film Maryada Ramanna directed by Rajamouli which later went to Bollywood as Son of Sardaar, Ivan Maryadaraman tells a very predictable story with humour and drama. Scripted by Sibi and Udayakrishna combo and directed by Suresh Divakar, the movie has tried its best to make sure it cater well to a target audience especially those who look for some fun and light hearted humour. To that extent the film has done justice to that objective. A one time watchable average film narrated in a conventional way, Ivan Maryadaraman is that type of a film that runs on predictable fashion right from the start till the finish.
There is a three decade old rivalry between Ravanapuram and Ramapuram due to a dispute for the ownership of a temple. Raman who was working in a rice mill in Pune looses his job and reach his native place to claim some money in his name but lands up in Ravanapuram instead of Ramapuram. He is literally in a trap there and rest of the film focus on how he gets out of the mess.
It doesn't matter if you have seen the original version or for that matter the Hindi version that had Ajay Devgan in lead. Sibi and Udayakrishna are quite used to these type of scripts and having written many a screenplay on similar mould, they are in a comfort zone now eventhough things are becoming too repetitive. The good thing they have done here is the total avoidance of unwanted adult jokes. But the bad thing is that the film runs too long for two hours and forty four minutes.
Direction by Suresh Divakar is old school one but it should be the right one when approaching a script like this. Screenplay is on expected lines and predictable as well. Dialogues were okay. Cinematography and edits were good. Same about the background score. The set especially where the house where the event unfold once the main protagonist reach Ravanapuram is a grand one and the art director deserves a word of mention here.
On the acting front, Dileep the right man for such roles has definitely lived up to his billing. In a safe zone for such roles, he was in total control of things. Nikki Galrani as the female lead did her part without any flaws. Not sure about the actor who played the heroine's father but the powerful character was safe in his hands whose voice was nicely dubbed by Shammi Thilakan. Saju Navodaya, Thara Kalyan, Sunil Sugadha, Kailash, Abu Salim and Sudhir are also part of the cast and they were convincing in their respective roles. Suraj Venjaramood's voice is used for the Hercules cycle and it was a bit annoying at first but later gelled well.
Overall the film is average for me that has nothing new to offer but still entertain you in parts. I would go with two and a half out of five for Ivan Maryadaraman.
Rating - 2.5 / 5

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy Hindi Movie Review

There are many cinematic representations for Byomkesh Bakshy, the Indian detective often referred to as our very own Sherlock Holmes but unfortunately I haven't watched any of those movies. But the serial adaptation that our National channel Doordarshan used to show in the 1990's that had Rajith Kapoor playing the central protagonist was something that I used to watch regularly and from that perspective the new movie directed by Dibakar Banerjee is evoking nostalgic memories in me about those days of watching the series in the channel.
It seems Dibakar has adapted a difficult and complex of the investigative series written by Sharadindhu Bandyopadhyay for his movie. The making side is good with good cinematography and production design suited for pre-independent India where the story happens but the film is too slow and confusing as well thereby making the cinematic experience a disappointing one. Thats what I felt after watching Detective Byomkesh Bakshy.
Set in the early part of the 1940's in Calcutta, at a time when World War 2 is in full swing, Private detective Bakshy gets to investigate a man missing case that is much more than what he expected and the film narrate how Byomkesh Bakshy crack this case leading upto further developments.
"Expect The Unexpected" says the tag line of the movie and the film has done justice to that by the way revelations are shown in the end but the biggest drawback is the narrative part that lags and with a running time of two and a half hours, it was more of boredom than excitement for major part of this slow thriller.
Technically the film is high with good use of cinematography and colour tone. Costumes were designed well matching the period during which the story happens. The sets designed for shooting along with the VFX for the same was also impressive and matched very well with the real Calcutta of 1940's from what I have seen from various magazines and pictures.
Sushanth Singh has definitely done his homework well and the guy has emoted his part in a controlled and convincing way. Anand Tiwari as Bakshy's assistant, Swasthika Mukherjee as Anguri Devi, Divya Menon as Satyavathi, the guy who acted as the doctor and a central character in the film and all other supporting casts were equally good.
Overall, I could not sit patiently for the entire running time and did not enjoy this work from Dibakar Banerjee. We know how Detective Byomkesh Bakshy cracks his case but even then with such a slow pace in narration, the movie could not impress me. The rating for me is two out of five.
Rating - 2 / 5

Komban Tamil Movie Review

Karthi's KOMBAN had a reasonably good storyline and director Muthiah has succeeded in generating some fine performances from his actors but instead of going with a realistic approach, the movie is treated as a regular Tamil masala potboiler with the usual elements getting more prominence thereby making Komban a watchable average film. Occasional moments with lot of fights do make the audience engaged but nevertheless it should be said that the makers have lost a golden opportunity to present something different with the treatment.
Set in a rural background, the primary focus of the movie is to dwell upon the relationship aspect. There are two individuals; one is an angry and arrogant Kombiah Pandiyan and the other is his father in law. In their village, gang war between different factions are a common thing and the relationship between the above said individuals are narrated with this gang war in the backdrop.
Once Komban marries, his family life and relationship with his father in law becomes complex and rest of the movie showcase how Komban's attitude change amidst all the goonda fights happening around them into which they ultimately gets involved.
For viewers who like to see larger than life fight sequences with the hero in full power and control, Komban is more than enough as every ten or fifteen minutes, audiences are taken to intermittent fight sequences. There is a good story backed up by some good performances but the screenplay deserved changes and also a treatment that could have changed the outlook of the film altogether. Instead the makers went in for a conventional/orthodox style of a mass masala tamil flick.
Karthi as the main protagonist Komban was in good form and his looks in this movie deserves a special mention. Rajkiran as father in law also impressed while Lakshmi Menon delivered what was required for her character. Kovai Sarala, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunas, IM Vijayan and few others are also part of the cast and they all did their part well.
Cinematography and edits were okay. Music by GV Prakash was nice and suited especially for the rural backdrop. Action choreography though they were in excess and heavy, was done quite nicely.
Overall, Komban is good in parts with a promising plot treated in a cliched way making it an average movie and I go with two and a half out of five as my personal rating.
Rating - 2.5 / 5

Furious 7 Review

There is no need to review a movie like the Fast and Furious series. We know what to expect as the audience is way too familiar with what is in store with high voltage stylish action and car chases. The seventh of the series is no different, the only notable aspect is of course we are missing actor Paul Walker. But in the movie the case is not so as the makers have covered up everything in the storyline and screenplay so that his character makes his presence felt and makes a lasting impression. James Wan has succeeded in satisfying fans of Fast and Furious series with a high voltage action film that has everything you want and experienced right from the first part. An action movie with an emotional touch, that's how I will summarise the seventh part.
Dominic Torreto and his gang are leading a normal and silent life quite different from what they are in US after defeating Owen Shaw. But their normal life is short lived as the big bad brother of Owen, Deckard Shaw comes up before them and started acting as a thawn in their life killing one among them. Before things go in for a worse, Torreto, Brian O'Connor and rest of the crew reach out to Ian to settle things in a way they are familiar with.
The proceedings are too fast except may be the first twenty minutes or so and once things start to unwind, there is no time to relax. Action is at its best with good cuts to give a sleak look. I saw the 3D version and would have preferred the 2D one as the scope for a three dimensional view was very limited.
Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Chris Bridges and the rest continued their form from where they left off in the previous version. Dwayne Johnson was equally good but with limited screen presence. Jason Statham the new entrant to the series as the main antagonist was the show stealer for me. Bollywood actor Ali Fazal (3 Idiots fame) makes a cameo.
Overall the last ride of the Furious gang definitely live up to the hype and satisfy each and every fan of the Fast and Furious series and this time it is more of an emotional drive with Paul Walker missing us and with the franchise with the current stars coming to an end we will miss rest of the gang as well.
A well deserved emotional dedication to Paul Walker is added right at the fag end which you should not miss. I am going with three and a half out of five for James Wan's Furious 7. Go for it!!!
Rating - 3.5 / 5