Happy Journey Malayalam Movie Review

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We have yet another malayalam movie on cricket after the success of Abrid Shine's 1983. While 1983 is fresh and still running in theatres, Happy Journey has reached theatres and so now we have two movies running at the same time that has a sporty backdrop. So how the viewers would take it up is the big question.

Boban Samuel after the success of Janapriyan and Romans direct this film scripted by Arun Lal that has a cricket story. That's the only similarity with 1983 as Happy Journey travail through the emotions and pains of blind cricketers and Aaron our protagonist is one such person.

The film has a well executed first half that has sentiments and humour working and jelling well with the story but the narration loose its grip in the second half. But again some good performances particularly Jayasurya balance that negative factor of the post intermission session.

On a journey to Chennai, Aaron, a blind cricketer meets Siya (Aparna Gopinath) and narrate his story from childhood in a flashback mode. Aaron was a budding cricketer who was selected for the Under15 team but fate has something else for him as a road accident makes him blind and thus he can't represent the team.

Aaron with a positive attitude grows up who doesn't lose hope and now the next step on his door step is cricket for the blind. Here again he has more challenges and the focus of the movie is to show us his journey and also the blind team's journey of representing the team at the highest level and the various challenges they had to face on their way in representing the country.

On the direction side, Boban Samuel has done a decent job especially the first half of the film. A better second half execution could have made the film a better enjoying experience.

Coming to the acting side, Jayasurya as Aaron is the life of the film with a simple acting style without going overboard and he literally fills the gap where the movie lags and falls. Lal as the blind cricket team's coach was convincing in his role while Balu Varghese (Honey Bee fame) as Aaron's best buddy evoked laughter with his Kochi style accent. Lena as Aaron's mother was also able to make a mark with her role, a brief one but good one. The two leading ladies in the film Aparna Gopinath and Srindha Ashab didn't have a major screen presence. Lalu Alex appeared in a supporting role that was also not a character having any big impact in the film.

On to the technical side, the stand out ones are Mahesh Raj's cinematography and Gopi Sundar's music and background score.

Overall, Happy Journey is not a bad attempt but with a better second half, the journey would have been more enjoyable. I am giving two and a half for the movie and an extra qusrter for the performance of Jayasurya who injects life and makes the moments livelier. So my final rating is 2.75 out of 5.


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Darr @ The Mall Hindi Movie Review

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Pawan Kirpalani who has earlier directed Ragini MMS comes up with yet another horror flick that sadly disappoints. When it comes to horror genre, we are not expecting anything fresh or novel in terms of story or content but the execution and treatment could have avoided the regular cliched pattern of presenting these types of stories. There are not much of scary moments for regular viewers of horror as the film ends up on the loosing side and by the time we leave the theatre watching the flick, viewers are left a tired lot.

For a change, the backdrop is a Mall, one of the biggest in our country. Usually its a house in a secluded place but here the haunted one is a hi tech shopping mall where a series of murder takes place. Vishnu (Jimmy Shergill) is appointed as the chief security officer of the Mall. Can he find a solution to the murder and can he go deep into the reasons for the series of unnatural death is what is all Darr @ The Mall about.

The biggest factor working against the movie is predictability and lack of suspense and for that the script is the main villain here. While Ragini MMS was scary enough and was daunting and imaginative with a clean narrative style, Darr @ The Mall is a pale shadow of the former.

In terms of performance, Jimmy Shergill did not have much to do to bring out his acting prowess while the for the rest of cast, (I am not familiar with the names) less said the better.

I would not recommend Darr @ The Mall for the simple reason that it is a cliched horror film that won't scare you much. If you are that particular to see a horror flick, better watch Ragini MMS since the sequel to this movie is soon releasing and it would not be a bad idea to refresh your memories. My rating is one and a half out of five for Darr @ The Mall.


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Highway Hindi Movie Review

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Highway the new movie from Imthiaz Ali is a visually appealing and technically sound film but the narrative style is devoid of the entertainment quotient. The way the plot has been executed without any mass elements might work against the film but for people looking for not just pure mass, Highway will appeal to you and I belong to the latter category.

The direction, cinematography, sound sync from Resool Pookkutty, music by ARR, background score combined with performance that is to be appreciated, Highway scores in most areas. A road movie that offer a different sort of an experience capturing some stunning locales on the way, the film gives an altogether different mood to the viewers.

Veera, daughter of an industrialist whose marriage is just four days away, is abducted by a group. The group realising that they can't ask for a ransom considering the hold at higher level wanted to leave her but the group leader does not endorse that view. Though Veera is kidnapped, what she experience is real freedom from the clutches of city life and rest of the movie focus on the journey of abduction that ultimately result in romance and realisation of her lost freedom at home.

If it was Parineeti Chopra who was holding the limelight for her dashing performance in Hasee Tho Phasee for couple of weeks, its now the turn of Alia Bhatt who just came out with her best to literally steal the show from the rest. Randeep Hooda talked less but his expressions were more than enough to convey what was intended. Couple of actors among the abduction gang whose names I am unaware of also deserves mention here. There are not much supporting casts in the film as the narration is focused on Veera and Mahaveer's journey through the highway that moves to some exotic places.

As pointed out earlier, the technical side stands out to make Highway a smooth riding experience without too much of rough ride and Imthias Ali has tried out a different genre of a movie when compared to his previous works like Rockstar and Love Aaj Kal.

On the whole, Highway is not a disappointing effort but with a more fast past narrative style, the film would have been a more entertaining experience for all class of audiences. My rating is 3.5 / 5


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Robocop English Movie Review

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Robocop franchise gets a reboot through the latest film directed by Jose Padilha. The 1987 film with the same title is remade to suit the tastes of the current generation of movie lovers. And the film is NOT a bad remake at all with excellent visual effects and action. But the action is limited only for the final half hour or so as the story gets a gradual build up for things to take its shape.

A futuristic film set in 2028, Omnicorp, a robotic company decides to create half-human and half - machine robots to protect American people (Detroit City) from crime and murder thereby ensuring the security of the people as well as covering the police from getting killed in the operations carried out to catch criminals. Detective Alex Murphy who suffers severe fourth degree burns is given a chance to fit into a Robotic life to clean up the City and safeguard the people of the country against crimes.

Even though the premise is more of action and technology, the emotional quotient gets ample screen time for everyone one to connect with the overall storyline.

On the flip side, I would say the action is short or limited to the fag end. Another thing is Robocop does not have a strong antagonist for a counter attack, so basically its a one man (read Robot) fight against crimes. But these negatives are almost covered up by good performances and excellent use of visual effects making the film qualify for a decent one time watchable stuff.

Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy the detective and as Robocop was impressive and he did full justice to his role. The supporting casts lead by Samuel L Jackson as a TV anchor (Special appearance), Gary Oldman, Micheal Keaton, Jay Baruchel and Abbie Cornish does the supporting acts in the best possible way putting the acting department on the positive side.

Cinematography and cuts were fine along with good background score to keep up the momentum going.

Overall, the reboot does not disappoint and with look of things and the way the film is ending, a feel of more sequels of the current film is expected in the near future. I am giving three and a half out of five.


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Om Shanti Oshana Box Office Collection Reports

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Release date : Friday, 7th February 2014

       Another Nivin Pauly starrer to the big screens within weeks of his first release of the year '1983'. The movie '1983' is already declared as the first hit of 2014.  Om Shanti Oshana is the debut venture of director Jude Anthony Joseph. Om Shanti Oshana is getting released in 73 screens all over kerala. Out of kerala, the movie has released in an additional 78 theaters. Fox Star India will be distributing the movie in rest of India.

First day Box Office update : Om Shanti Oshana is receiving positive feedback from the audience especially the younger generation. The movie has made an opening day collection of 56 lakhs from kerala and a total of 65 lakhs all over India.

First weekend Box Office update : Om Shanti Oshana has successfully generated positive word of mouth among the public. Total gross of the movie from first weekend is estimated to be around 2.10 crores.

First week Box Office update : Om Shanti Oshana has managed to gross a total of 3.60 crores all over India. Second hit of 2014 and surprisingly both are Nivin Pauly starrer. The movie has all possibility to be the first super hit of 2014.

Second week Box Office update : Failure of new releases like Salam Kashmir and Pakida has become advantageous to Om Shanti Oshana. The movie has made box office collection of around 5.50 crores.

Pakida Malayalam Movie Review

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Pakida the movie by Sunil Karyattukara tries its best to thrill you but the unconvincing storyline and script puts the film in an average category. With a more tight script and a strong plot, there would have been real difference but again I would say the film is passable. The suspense element and mystery is retained throughout the first half and to an extent the early part of post intermission. From there on, the film becomes a predictable revenge drama. The story tries to present a socially committed subject with female harassment in the backdrop but in that angle the film fails to convince with too many loose ends.

The plot revolves around five fun loving friends who at a particular situation are in need of urgent money and at this point enter a mysterious character named George Koshy Anthraper. George promises the cash to them but he demands that one of the guys among the five should travel with him to Madurai. Rest of the plot focus on this journey and the unravelling of the mystery surrounding George Anthraper's character and the reason for this journey.

On the making side, the director has chosen a narration similar to a road movie type thriller but the script demanded much more for a complete entertainer. A sleak and stylish way of plot narration was adopted especially after the initial half hour when the journey from Kochi to Madura starts.

Asif Ali playing the character of Aadi was nice to watch though the type of character we see in Pakida have been seen in many of his earlier flicks. Biju Menon as George Anthraper was ok but there are moments where a feel of disinterest is there on his face. The two ladies in the film Malavika and Apoorva Bose does not have much to perform and among the two, its the former who was better.

The supporting casts were all good and the notable ones are P Balachandran, Shine Tom Chacko and Aju Varghese. Renji Panicker after we last saw him in Om Shanti Ohshana did a cameo here and it was good to watch.

Cinematography was just ok while background score and music by Bijipal were on the positive side.

In summary, Pakida is just average. With a strong and tighter script, the watching experience would have been different and more entertaining. My rating is 2.5 / 5.


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Gunday Hindi Movie Review

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Gunday is a typical Bollywood mass masala movie that take cues from many Hindi movies from the 1980's. With enough punch line dialogues and couple of twists in the offering, the film assure entertainment and fun.

An action and comedy filled drama, story starts from the 1970's where the Bangladesh Liberation War ended leading many people homeless. The story unfold from here where two young boys with no one to go for begins their friendship journey and lands up in Calcutta.

Bikram and Bala decide to sell Coal stolen from train and makes it big becoming Coal Bandits of Calcutta. They deal in every black trade that happen in Calcutta and takes control of the place becoming powerful Gundays who are unstoppable. The romantic angle has Nandita, a cabaret dancer and the interesting part is both the friends have a crush on her.

Now to break their friendship and to destroy their empire, enter ACP Satyajit Sarkar. The way it has been done, it makes us remember some of the hit movies like RGV's Company where the police officer create rift between the two dons and here in Gunday too, the inspiration is there to be seen but it is not an exact copy.

On to the flip side, Gunday is not unwatchable but after a point, everything becomes monotonous and with 152 minutes of running time, the pleasure of watching is lost. Still as a mass masala film, there are watchable moments and the chemistry between Bikram and Bala was good to watch.

The performance side has Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor excelling in their respective roles of Bikram and Bala but it was Irfaan Khan as ACP Satyajit Sarkar who steal the show from the lead duo even though Irfaan's role was just a special appearance with extended scenes. Priyanka Chopra as Nadita was not that convincing while Saurabh Shukla was quite good in his limited role.

The technical side can boast of good camera work, background score and music. There are foot tapping song numbers along with couple of slow numbers and credit goes to music director Sohail Sen for bringing out a decent album for a masala flick. Action sequences were also well choreographed but the shirt ripping scene in one of the fight scene towards the fag end was a bit funny.

Overall, Gunday is a one time watchable mass masala flick that does not offer anything new but with its racy narration and action , entertainment is guaranteed. I am giving three out of five.


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Balyakalasakhi Box Office Collection Report

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           Newcomer Pramod Payyanur directs the much awaited on screen adaptation of Vaikom Mohamed Basheer's classic novel Balyakalasakhi. Movie titled the same, Balyakalasakhi has casted actor Mammootty in the lead which has increased the anticipation. The impressive teaser and trailer have increased the expectations among the cinema goers. Still a successful box office run is doubtful without a strong word of mouth due to the genre of the movie. The movie is getting released in around 60 theaters all over kerala.

Initial Reports : Balyakalasakhi is getting mixed to positive reports from both critics as well as the viewers. Ohm Shanthi Oshanna is providing quite good competition at the box office.

First week box office update : Balyakalasakhi has failed to create any impact in the box office. First week gross of the movie is estimated to be around 2.25 crores. The lack of crowd pulling factors are the obvious reason for this poor opening week box office collection.

Second week box office update :
Balyakalasakhi has suffered removals from around 35 theaters and an extra 7 theaters in the subsequent days in second week. The movie is holding on to around 20 theaters in kerala. The movie has hardly reached 1600 theatrical shows in the cinemas.

Salam Kashmir Malayalam Movie Review

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After all the postponements for unknown factors ( NOC from Military was the widely speculated reason), Joshy's Salaam Kashmir finally reach theatres. Expectations were high when the project was announced and also when the release dates were announced initially with two senior actors joining a veteran director.

But gradually hope faded away with all the postponements that happened and consequently many expecting the release lost their interest.

Now coming to the review part and whether the long wait was worthy enough, the answer is a no. The film, partly a family drama and partly a military film is a disappointment with nothing meriting an attention. Scripting is a big letdown and Joshiy the master director once again disappoints the viewers with his second successive film failing to hit bulls eye.

The first half is ok to watch but the latter half is a real patience tester that makes you bored and prompt you to leave theatres mid way through the movie. Everything after interval seemed to be in a hurry to finish off things and this affected the end result to a large extent.

The story revolves around Sreekumar (Jayaram), a military officer who retired from service for some strange reasons and is leading a quite life in a remote place with his small family comprising of his wife and daughter. Some unfortunate incidents affect their life and relationship. The movie dwell upon their relationship and reason for the current situation they are in.

As said before, its the pathetic script that acts as the party spoiler and Joshy being a veteran in the industry should have used his best judgement before taking up the assignment but he has used up all his skills and this is the best he can do with this script and storyline.

On the acting side, Jayaram as Sreekumar was able to act out the role quite well while for Suresh Gopi, Tomi Eappan's character was never a challenging one for the actor as the role was a cakewalk for him. Mia was ok and the supporting casts like Lalu Alex, Vijayaraghavan, Krishna Kumar, Ponnamma Babu and Anoop Chandran did their part well.

Technical side is also not too convincing with only the camera work by Manoj Pillai deserving a mention. Music by M Jaychandran is a let down while background score by Rajaamani is not that impressive.

Overall, Salaam Kashmir is one movie that will remain in our memories only for the wrong reasons and I am giving 1.75 / 5. A forgettable movie from a hit maker director.


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Hasee Toh Phasee Hindi Movie Review by Chandra Mohan

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A traditional romantic comedy and at the same time tried to be different from the normal formulaic films of Bollywood in the same genre. Vinil Mathew's Hasee Tho Phasee is an engaging movie for the most part and the presentation looked fresh but the film looses a bit of steam towards the end. But what makes the difference is Parineeti Chopra's brilliant portrayal of Meeta, an eccentric girl.

The characters have been written very well that we don't feel alienated with the overall plot. What you expect from these kind of films is basically fun & enjoyment and Hasee tho Phasee has all that factors to make the viewers sit back, relax and enjoy the proceedings.
On the flip side, the intial or the first half excitement gradually fades towards the end with some familiar dramatic moments which we have come across quite often in rom-com movies.

The story focus on Nikhil who is getting engaged to Karishma. Meeta, a quirky and eccentric girl enters his life who happens to be his fiancee's sister. The script does the rest to make it a pretty decent watch till the end until some dramatic scenes spoils some of the enjoyment that were on offer till then.

On the acting front, its Parineeti Chopra who takes all the credit with a fine performance to lift the movie while Sidharth Malhotra looked handsome and at the same time acted out quite well as the positive Nikhil. Adah Sharma as Karishma was equally upto the task but her role was limited. All supporting actors did the supporting roles in a convincing way and among them Manoj Joshi (Father of Meeta and Karishma) and Sharath Saxena (Nikhil's father) are the two outstanding ones.

For a romantic comedy to bring out the best, music plays an all important part and Vishal Shekhar has composed music to make it colourful. Cinematography was fine along with well composed background score.

In summary, Hasee tho Phasee is a refreshing film for fun and good for a watch without much tension and stress. On a scale of five, I am giving three for the movie and an extra half for the performance of the lead actress. That makes it 3.5 / 5.
And to all my Malayalee friends out there, the movie has a Kerala flavour with the director and some of his backend team hailing from this part of the world.


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Balyakalasakhi Malayalam Movie Review by Chandra Mohan

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Before getting into the review part, let me make it clear that i haven't read the novel Balyakalasakhi but I am very much familiar with the storyline. So I can't say whether the adaptation of the novel is perfect or whether the director has done justice to the novel.

Pramod Payannur directs this film, a movie based on the famous novel by Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer with the same title. This is the second instance where the novel is getting an adaptation to the silver screen. The first instance was way back in the late 1960's when director Sasikumar made it into a film that had Prem Nazir and Sheela donning the roles of Majeed and Suhara with Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair playing an important role. The script and dialogues then were written by VMB himself.

Now coming to the latest adaptation where Majeed and Suhara (the protagonists who are in love since their childhood days), gets a rebirth with Mammooty and Isha Talwar appearing in central roles, it is not an easy task for a debutant director to adapt a classic novel.

I heard couple of bad reviews of the film while at the same time got some positive feedbacks too. So I approached the movie with my expectation level set to the very minimum.

The film is not a classic but definitely a good attempt by a debutant director. The sluggish pace and a confused narration takes away the shine and had these loose ends been fixed it would have been a different experience altogether.

The romantic angle between senior Majeed and Suhara gets little prominence with more focus given to their childhood days. I am not sure if the novel followed a similar pattern.

Mammooty excels in the role of Majeed's father while as Majeed it was an easy role for the actor but the portrayal was convincing. The character goes through different shades and colors and he was able to bring out the various emotion levels required at each stage. Isha Talwar has a very limited screen presence and the chemistry between the lead pair was missing and the reason is the development and narration of the romantic angle in a confusing manner with less intensity.

For me it was Mammooty as Majeed's father, Seema Biswas, Parambrata Chatterjee and Sasikumar the standout performers. Meena was just ok while Tanushree Ghosh was disappointing.

Couple of scenes were really touching like the scene where Majeed returns back and meeting his father, the scene where Majeed realising that he has lost one of his leg. Mammooty reserved his best performances in the film for these moments.

Another highlight of the film is music. Songs crooned by Raghavan Master and Shahabaz Aman were worth hearing for a second time. Equally good was Bijipal's background score while editing deserved a better treatment and it was poorly done.

Some brilliant performances, songs and background score are the main highlights in the film and for me overall it was not a bad experience watching Majeed and Suhara on screen. I am going with three on five.

Rating : 3 out of 5


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Om Shanti Oshana Malayalam Movie Review by Chandra Mohan

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Om Shanti Oshana, the title of the movie directed by Jude Anthany Joseph is too catchy to grab the viewers attention and about the film, it is a romantic comedy that is good for a time pass. A feel good factor works in favour of the film to make it entertaining and for a debutant director, Jude Anthany has done his job to make the film a watchable flick especially for the youth.

Narrated from the perspective of the leading lady Pooja, Om Shanti Ohshana portray the love Pooja ( a medical student) has for Giri ( a farmer). The film is more of a female centric one where the focus is more on the character of Pooja and hence Giri is more or less sidelined but the male character gets his moments too.

Focus of the first half is mainly drawn towards establishing the character traits of Pooja and how she falls for the hero who is a victim of a lost love. A watchable half and it could have been more entertaining had Nazriya performed the role better. The latter half has more of a serious tone but at the same time, the script follows a light hearted and simple way of presenting things.

On the making side, director has chosen a very simple way of narrating the plot and his likeness for M&M is there to be seen on many occasions and to cite an example, the hit film Spadikam gets a mention on couple of instances.

Now on to the acting side, though the character of Pooja gets more attention throughout the film, Nivin Pauly as Giri played his part to make it very convincing. Pooja's character had the scope for some bubbly and cheerful performance from Nazriya but she could not raise her performance and for me it was an average acting especially the first half. The performance showed improvement towards the second half.

There are not too many supporting casts in the film and its Aju Varghese and Vineeth Sreenivasan the noteworthy ones among the lot. Director and scenarist Renjith played the role of Dr.Mathai (Pooja's father) and he was quite good in that role. Another director Lal Jose appear towards the end in a cameo role.

Cinematography and edits were fine while music and background score by Shaan Rahman were on the positive side. The song shown at the beginning when the title credits are shown was funny to hear. This is again repeated when the end credits start rolling down.

Overall, Om Shanti Ohshana is NOT a disappointing movie and I would categorise the film into a one time watchable romantic comedy. There are negatives in the film but the positives outshone the negative factors and my rating is three and a quarter (3.25) on five.


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Salala Mobiles Box Office Collection Report and Updates

REVIEW : Read Salala Mobiles review

Release date : Thursday, 23rd January 2014

      Salala Mobiles is the first release of Dulquer Salmaan in 2014 whose last movie Pattam Pole bombed at the box office. Dulquer Salmaan has boldly given date to another debutant director Sharath Haridaasan. Salala Mobiles is produced and distributed by Anto Joseph. Salala Mobiles is releasing in around 70+ theaters all over kerala. The pairing of Dulquer Salmaan and Nazriya Nazim has created quite a buzz in the cinema circles.
First day Update :  Salala Mobiles is receiving mixed response from the audience and thumps down from most of the critics. At the end of the day, Salala Mobiles is estimated to have took an opening day collection of 80 lakhs.
               Thursday release has hampered the weekend box office collection of the movie due to negative word of mouth.
First Week Box Office update : Salala Mobiles have managed to gross around 3.40 crores in it's first week. A couple of new releases including 1983 and London Bridge are ready to release this week that aim the same younger audience as that of Salala Mobiles. The coming days will be crucial for the movie to reach a hit status after a good opening.              
Second Week Box Office update :
Salala Mobiles which crossed 2000 show count in the first week itself has hardly reached 700 theatrical show count in the second week. The movie has suffered removals from 36 theaters and currently running in 34 theaters. Two week box office collection of the movie has reached around 4 crores.

Third Week Box Office update :
Salala Mobiles is completely out of the league with only 8 theaters remaining.

London Bridge Review by Chandra Mohan

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A popular actor who is on a success wave with his last four films, his stylish looks, exotic location in the form of London and hence some excellent visuals & frames and couple of beautiful actresses to spice up a triangular love story, will these combinations deliver a good film! Certainly not. For that you need a solid script without too many cliches.

Now, Anil C Menon's latest film London Bridge is not that bad a movie to be totally ignored. It is watchable but the thing is it is too slow paced and at the same too much of drama towards the end along with cliched moments we have seen before puts a question mark on the overall completeness of the film.

For me London Bridge was an average watch but I cannot hide the fact that there is boredom and dragness especially post intermission. As I pointed out, script lacks that punch to make the viewers attention throughout. Even Prithviraj who is so bankable and reliable these days cannot do much to raise the film to the next level. The film's extended climax is also a dampener as it goes on endlessly without a stop.

The plot revolves around Vijay Das, an ambitious and young entrepreneur in London. At one stage, two young girls enter his life ; Pavithra, daughter of an industrialist and Merin a nurse who just landed in Briton to join on duty in a hospital. Rest of the story focus on the relationship between the three.

On the acting side, Prithviraj as Vijay did his job convincingly but this is not a challenging role for the actor in him. Many comparisons are bound to happen between his successful four films released previously that might work against the film. The reality is London Bridge is nowhere near those beautifully crafted movies.

Nanditha as Merrin was a letdown. She looked beautiful but her acting was disappointing and the other leading lady in the cast Andrea was able to perform well as Pavithra.

Prathap Pothan, Mukesh, Lena and Sunil Sugatha form the supporting cast that is limited to a very few and among them Mukesh was the standout out one though his role was very brief.

Camera work by Jithu Damadar deserves special praise. Though he had to his aid, the visual beauty of London he did his job to make the frames look cool and colourful. In the music department, credit is given to two directors; Rahul Raj and Sreevalson Menon. The songs especially couple of them were good to hear and along with the visuals, they were nice to watch on screen. Gopi Sundar's background score as usual was different and gelled well with the situations.

Summing up things, London Bridge is one movie that won't remain in our memories for a long time. For me, it was an average film that offered anything new but the offerings were more of draggness and boredom. Still I am going with a generous 2.25 out of 5.


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Drishyam - Highest Grosser in the history of Malayalam Cinema

          It's OFFICIAL - Drishyam is the highest grosser in the history of Malayalam Cinema. The movie has grossed an approximate 27 crores in it's six week run in the Kerala box office. The biggest advantage of Drishyam is that the movie is still holding in around 75 centers all over kerala. Drishyam is said to have grossed a whooping 7 crores from the business in the rest of the world. Most of the revenue to be from the gulf countries, UK and US. The current worldwide gross of Drishyam is estimated to be around 35 crores.
              The total budget of the movie is figured to be around 4 crores. The satellite rights of the movie was sold for a record price of 6.50 crores which was bagged by Asianet. The remake rights of the movie to Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada has been sold for 1.60 crores. Drishyam can be proud of being the first movie ever to introduce 40 crore club in the Malayalam movie industry. Another fact to be reminded of is that the 50 crore touchline is never impossible for this movie.


Eighth week box office collection :
Drishyam has become the first movie to gross 30 crores from kerala box office alone. The total number of theatrical show count has crossed 17k. Surprisingly, the movie is holding strong in 65 centers in kerala and several centers in rest of India.

Ninth week box office collection :
Drishyam has set another record! Drishyam has crossed the theatrical show count record of multi starrer 'Twenty 20'.