Top 5 Actresses of 2013


         Thira is the only main stream women centric movie of the year. Guess what? Vineeth Sreenivasan has written the script with Shobana in mind and Shobana has made an outstanding comeback to the cinemas with her powerful performance as an activist in Thira. Also Shobana itself is expected to lead in the sequels of Thira. 


        Swati Reddy is one of the elements that can never be forgotten from the movie Amen, for her bold performance. Such was the credibility and sense of exuberance she lent to the character "Shoshanna" that will probably rule our consciousness for years to come. Only a true talent like Swati could, in spite of being an outsider to Kerala's culture, or for that fact, to the intricacies of mid-Travancore Christians, absorb and convey the quintessence of her role as Shoshanna. And, that she held her ground opposite the phenomenal actor Fahadh Fasil is indeed a litmus test of her screen presence and acting skills. Read More. She equally impresses in North 24 Katham also along with Fahadh Fasil.


           Shweta Menon was in the headlines when reports came about her delivery being filmed for the film Kalimannu. Though the movie was lazily written, Shwetha Menon gave her soul and heart to the film with an amazing boldness. The original scenes in the movie showing her real pain, feelings and love while giving birth to her own daughter is absolutely riveting. Those moments in the movie Kalimannu will leave you moist eyed.


       Rima Kallingal has acted in a total of six films in 2013 alone including Kammath and Kammath, Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla, August Club, Zachariyayude Garabinikal, Escape from Uganda and lately Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal. In another women centric movie of the year, August Club, Rima has once again proved to carry on any kind of roles. In Zachariyayude Garabinikal also, Rima kallingal gives a first rate performance as the muslim nurse fathima.In the movie Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal, Rima Kallingal as Siri has yet another good performance in her career.  

        Andrea Jeremiah comes as fifth in our list of best actresses for her acting in Annayum Rasoolum against Fahad Fazil. Andrea Jerermiah is silent in the most part of movie but comes in to her own towards the end of this realistic movie. Andrea Jeremiah has perfectly get on to this mysterious character Anna. 

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Best Actor 2013
Dulquer Salmaan
Fahadh Faasil
Nivin Pauly
Kunchacko Boban
Asif Ali
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Kunjanathante Kada
Mumbai Police
Philips and Monkey Pen
Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi
5 Sundarikal
Annayum Rasoolum
Left Right Left
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Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

        Jeethu Joseph amazed all of the Malayalam cine goers with his last release Memories which had Prithviraj in the lead. By December, he is back with yet another thriller 'Drishyam' with Mohanlal who had a worse year so far. The trailer seemed to be promising and also the songs are quite pleasing.

          Drishyam tells the story of an Georgekutty(Mohanlal), an orphan by birth, who is running a local cable network Rani Vision. Georgekutty is also a movie enthusiast who tries to see the life and solve the problems in his life based on movies. His life runs happily until an evil brat Varun played by Roshan enters into his life. Rest of the story develops through very emotional, thrilling and sensational moments.


        Drishyam is yet another terrific movie from Jeethu Joseph and this year undoubtedly belongs to him. Mohanlal who had bad run so far is back with an outstanding job. Mohanlal has done a great job with utmost ease playing the character Georgekutty. With his unbelievable performance he has won the hearts of all audience. Meena also handles her role well and marks her comeback with a very good performance. The negative character Sahadevan played by Kalabhavan Shajon also deserves a special applause. Rest of the actors including Siddique, Asha Sharath, Roshan etc. had done justice to their roles.
         Music by Vinu Thomas and Anil Johnson aptly blends in with the movie and the placement of songs had not at all delayed the pace of the movie. The background music by Anil Johnson is also outstanding.
Coming into the director, Jeethu Joseph has once gain proved his excellence in creating and developing thrilling moments successfully. The main positives of the movie is the solid script and Jeethu Joseph's direction. In a nutshell, Drishyam is a completely packed emotional thriller and entertainer recommended for all types of audience. The movie will make you applause at the end which goes to all the crew and cast of the movie.

Rating : 3.5/5
Verdict :

POSITIVES :                                                              NEGATIVES :
Supporting cast
Script and Screenplay
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Oru Indian Pranayakadha Review

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 Sathyan Anthikad, the veteran of many a successful and memorable films returns with a reasonably good one time watchable flick through Oru Indian Pranayakatha. In the process, he has tried to be different from his normal way of story telling. A "new generation" way of film presentation is the best words to put it across and quite successfully he has come out well and at the same time his trade mark style is still evident in many a frames in the overall picture.

Barring the second half lag and an average climax, Oru Indian Pranayakatha is a watchable flick. A love story of an aspiring politician and a documentary film maker from Canada with a Malayalee origin is narrated in a simple way by the director. Dr Iqbal Kuttipuram is the scenarist and he has written it quite well. The draggness in the second half and a never ending feel we get towards the end is a dampener but still the movie cannot be called a bad one for that flips.

Ayamanam Siddharth is a youth congress activist who aspires to make it big by obtaining a ticket from the party to contest the local elections. But he is unsuccessful in his attempt and during this bad time he meets Irene, a documentary film maker of Indian origin from Canada. Irene has certain other intentions for her visit to India and rest of the story focus on how they fall for each other and what are the circumstances that pull Irene to visit Kerala.

On the making side, Sathyan Anthikad has used light humour with situations that don't go over the board that make the first half a pretty decent watch while in the second half, humour takes a backseat and more intense and sentimental situations takes prominence.

Fahadh Fazil as Siddharth does total justice to the character and it is a refreshing change to see the actor in a new terrain. Amala Paul as Irene perfectly suited the character and it was nice to see her dubbing in her own voice. The accent very well suited since she hailed from Canada.

Innocent, Prakash Bare and Lakshmi Gopalaswami were the notable supporting cast who did their roles quite convincingly.

For a change, the director has utilized the services of Vidyasagar instead of his regular composer Ilayaraja and the music is quite good overall. Camera work by Pradeep Nair deserves a word of mention here.

On the whole this is not a bad attempt by the director but still nowhere near his best. I am going with 3 / 5 and very much welcome the change the director has tried in his making style to suit everyone including current generation of audiences as well.

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal Review

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 I am unable to believe that Lal Jose and James Albert are behind this not so convincing movie that fails to put across the subject to the viewers. Moving at a leisurely pace, Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal tries desperately to narrate an unconvincing plot and falls on the loosing side. Can't complain much about Lal Jose and Dileep, because they can't do much here and infact LJ has tried his best but of no use in this disappointing story and script by James Albert and that will be a surprise for many.

Aby is an ad film maker who has a failed relationship and remains as a bachelor. His parents try to get him married but of no use until Aby meets a girl and decides to marry her. The events that unfold in the next seven days form the basic crux of the story.

As I said, the film lacked the pace to offer a delightful movie watching experience and the main culprit here is the disappointing storyline and script that is too tiring and boring.

Lal Jose should have been a bit more careful while choosing this plot. The end result of this movie is a disappointing effort thereby breaking his winning ways at the box office.

On screen Dileep has not done anything bad at the same time nothing extraordinary while Rima Kallingal was fine in her role as the female lead. The second female lead Parvathy Nambiar was average. About the supporting cast, many characters were half baked with nothing deserving a mention. Among them, Murali Gopi was ok in a limited role along with Tini Tom, Praveena, Vijayaraghavan and Harisree Asokan. Once again Sreejith Ravi in a very limited role made us laugh though he had to perform in couple of scenes only.

In the technical side, this is a new team for the director in camera and music department. Cinematography was done well along with good cuts. Prashanth Pillai's music was strictly average but his background score was on the brighter side.

I am going with 2 / 5 for Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal and a big thumbs down this time to the director. Better luck next time.

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page

The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug Review

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 The second installment of the three part series of The Hobbit returns in spectacular fashion beating its predecessor An Unexpected Journey in all departments. The Desolation of Smaug is a visual spectacle in all means and director Peter Jackson has ended the movie in such a way that we are left wanting for "There and Back Again" the third part to happen very soon. But sadly for that, fans of the series will have to wait till the end of 2014.

Set as a prequel to The Lord of the Rings series, Desolation of Smaug starts from where the first part ended. Bilbo, the hobbit along with the Wizard Gandalf and the thirteen dwarfs led by Thorin are on a journey to reclaim their lost kingdom of Erebor from the dragon Smaug. On their way, they battle it out with few other evil forces but their ultimate mission is to defeat Smaug who dethroned Thorin as King of the lonely mountains.

The visual effects scores it big and the epic adventure movie sets a high standard especially the climax fight scene where the dwarfs taking on dragon. The initial stage where the dwarfs battle it out with the spiders and also the scene of escape through waterfalls are couple of moments that are a treat for your eyes with brilliant and best use of technology.

The negative factor working against the movie is the length running to two hours and forty minutes, same like its prequel, the only difference here is that there is a difference of eight minutes between the two. At times you get a dragging feel but the script has taken care to ensure that the slow and boring feel is limited to the very minimum with engaging action sequences.

On the acting side, the two who impressed most was Martin Freeman as The Hobbit Bilbao and Richard Armitage playing the role of the lost King Thorin. Ian Mckellan as Gandalf the wizard also supported well along with Orlando Bloom reprising the character of Lagolas.

What takes the film to the next level is definitely the use of visual effects in the best possible way and the stand out scene is the final half hour where dragon and dwarfs battle it out and the action sequences here have been perfectly shot. Compared to the first installment that was very much dragging, this one is far far better and superior and a must watch movie for all.

I am giving 4 /5 for Peter Jackson's Hobitt series # 2 and i am eagerly waiting for "There and Back Again" to hit the screens very soon.

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page

Dhoom 3 Review

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 Dhoom series is famous for high octane action sequences, high tech robbery scenes, edge of the seat bike chases and of course the style quotient of the antagonist. All the two earlier versions delivered the results and now we are into the third installment of the series that has Aamir Khan enacting the anti hero role. Of course the two regulars of Dhoom series Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra are reprising their earlier roles of the police officer and police helper.

The film, a cat and mouse game between a police officer and a robber promised much along with pre release hype, expectations were naturally high. Now the question is whether Dhoom 3 directed by Vijay Krishna Aacharya has lived up to that hype.

In terms of action and thrills, D3 is definitely entertaining and deliver what it promised. For a hardcore fan of the franchise, the film offers more than what is expected and it is entertaining than the two earlier versions. But as you all know the basic thread of all these films are one and the same. The difference lies in how the treatment is done and for D3 along with well executed stunts and action sequences on a bigger canvas than the predecessors, it is Aamir Khan who takes the movie to the next level.

So from an entertaining perspective, the film scores well and that serves the ultimate objective of the series. The length of the film (close to three hours) is one factor that goes against the film. Not that it makes you bored but a trimmed version would have been more enjoyable. Also the climax could have been better.

The story happens in Chicago where Sahir (Aamir Khan) robs a bank, the robbery continue as a series and for this Sahir has a purpose and reason. Enter Jai (Abhishek) and Ali ( Uday Chopra)to nab him and the rest is all predictable and familiar story we have seen. But there are ample doses of action and stunt to entertain you.

On the flip side, the length was a dampener that at times makes you bored. The introduction scene of Aamir Khan was a treat for the eyes but the auto rickshaw scene where Abhishek and Uday gets introduced was on the disappointing side. Uday Chopra though he is a regular in all previous films, his funny scenes was irritating while the climax deserved a better treatment.

On the acting front, it is Aamir Khan all the way. With due credit to John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, Aamir is the perfect anti hero. Abhishek Bachan did his part with conviction but Uday Chopra was a misfit and also irritating. Katrina Kaif do not have much to do but still she did her role quite well. Jackie Shroff in a brief role also impressed as father of Aamir Khan.

background score and editing stood out among the technical area with not so impressive music by Pritham.

Overall Dhoom 3 scores for Aamir Khan's screen presence and well choreographed action sequences and I am giving 3.25 / 5. Enjoy the double power.

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page

Vedi Vazhipadu Review

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 Vedi Vazhipadu even before it was released had created a buzz in Mollywood largely due to the Censor Board blocking its release. Subsequently, they cleared but with an A certificate along with beep sounds at many places and quite rightly so. A film taking inspiration from the movie Trivandrum Lodge, the movie directed by Shambhu Purushotham narrate a sex comedy through a funny narration. Of course it provides occasional fun ride in parts with some non veg one liners but overall, the film runs on a wafer thin plot and fails to deliver a full fledged entertainer.

Set in the backdrop of Attukaal Pongala, three friends decides to have an extreme sort of fun when their wives are away for attending Pongala. Murli Gopi, Saiju Kurup and Sreejith Ravi enact the respective roles.

The film begins reasonably well and the first half offer moments of fun in parts but the second half looses the plot somewhere and could not keep up the momentum till the end. I am sure there is going to have mixed reviews for the film. People who had enjoyed Trivandrum Lodge and similar genre of movies will find the film as an average entertainer but for others it would be a total disappointment.

Since I am not a great fan of this genre, I could not enjoy the film and also felt the situations crossed a certain level of decency. Of course the censor board had cleared the film and we knew what we were going to watch.

On screen, Murli Gopi, Saiju Kurup and Sreejith Ravi have done their roles quite well. Indrajith's character was a half baked one and he did not have much to perform. Mythili and Anumol looked hot and sexy as per the demands of the character while Anusree was ok portraying the character of a TV reporter covering Aattukal Pongala for a local channel. Sunil Sugatha once again impressed with his comic timings just as he do it in every movie that he is part of.

On the making side, Arun Kumar Aravind is just the producer here and the director Shambhu Purushotham adopted the new generation way of story telling filling the movie with ample doses of situational humor connected with sex and use of alcohol.

The technical side is ok with good camera work while the editing department have done their side to make the film's frames look fine. Background score by Bijipal was a different one and since the movie was happening with Pongala in the backdrop, it suited the overall mood.

Overall, I could not find the film an exciting ride though it has humorous situations in parts but if you are not comfortable with movies like Trivandrum Lodge please stay away. My rating is 2 / 5

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page

Punyalan Agarbattis Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

             Punyalan Agarbattis is a comedy entertainer from the director Ranjith Shankar starring Jayasurya in lead. The story is written by Ranjith Shankar himself. The movie has been co-produced by Jayasurya and Ranjith Shankar together. The editing is done by Lijo Paul. The movie is distributed across by central pictures.
             Jayasurya as a thrissur native will make you laugh with his thrissur accent and his timed humour. Nyla Usha who debuted this year in Kunjanathante Kada has nothing much to do but looks gorgeous and pairs well with Jayasurya. The song sung by Jayasurya is already a popular number and Bijibal scores well again. Aju Varghese and other supporting cast especially Innocent, Mala Aravindan, Vinod Kovoor, Lishoy, Irshad and Idavela Babu have made commendable performances. TG Ravi and his son, Sreejith Ravi has done their part in adding humorous moments to the movie. 
             Coming to the technical aspects, Cinematography done by Sujith Vasudev deserves special mention. Bijibal as usual doesn't let us down and brings in well placed hummable songs.
              Punyalan Agarbattis is a clean family entertainer worth one time watch still with the pathetic climax and script with several flaws. Just go for it if you are looking for a light hearted comedy entertainer

              Punyalan Agarbattis is recent biggest release for actor Jayasurya. Punyalan Agarbattis managed to release in 70+ theatres despite getting released along with 3 other films. The movie is receiving encouraging word of mouth from around the state. The total budget of the movie is calculated to be an approximate 3 crores. The satellite rights has been already bagged by SURYA TV  for 2.65 crores.
           Punyalan Agarbattis has managed to gross around 2.1 crores in it's initial 3 days which is huge for the movie. First week gross of the movie indicates the movie to be turning out a super hit. 7 days gross of the movie estimated to be 2.75 crores with a share of 1.30 crores.
           Punyalan Agarbattis is rock steady in the theaters with very few removals and reduced shows. The movie is completely free from any competition and it is evident in it's box office performance. The two week gross of the movie seems to be around 4.50 crores. Another Super hit on the way for Jayasurya and so far a great year for our young talented actor.
           Punyalan Agarbattis has managed to cross a the 5 crore bar in it's three week run. The three week box office collection is estimated to be 5.50 crores. As per the performance analysis, Punyalan Agarbattis will make a long run through the Christmas as well as the New year.
           Punyalan Agarabattis has managed to stay strong at certain centers and the gross collection from these center are pretty good. The movie has managed to gross 6.45 crores in it's five week run.