ABCD Malayalam Movie Review and BoxOffice Collection Report

   Martin Prakkat made his debut in 2010 with a bang - 'Best Actor' starring Mammootty. After 3 years when he is up with his second movie that too starring Megastar's son Dulquer, the expectations are sky high. The song 'Jhony Mone Jhony' is already a huge hit and the trailer that released lately is also trending.
      ABCD is a fun filled comedy entertainer which deserves one-time watch. Primarily, this movie will be loved by the youngsters of kerala. Dulquer Salmaan is a treat to watch in ABCD. He is being established as the hottest actor, a trendsetter in Malayalam industry right now.
      Though the movie doesn't satisfy our expectations from a Martin Prakkat - Dulquer Salmaan movie, the movie has got potential to keep you engaged till the end. Jacob Gregory as Korah maintains good chemistry with Johns (Dulquer) and makes an excellent debut in cinemas. Aparna Gopinath has done her part well as a human rights activist and as Johns'  love interest.
      ABCD has got an interesting story and brings a lot of fun moments together. Jomon John as always keeps the visuals colorful. The song 'Jhony Mone Jhony' is a treat to watch. The first half of the movie generates most of the laughs. After a serious build up in the mid way of the second half, the movie ends decently.
- 1st Half
- Dulquer Salmaan and Jacob Gregory
- Dialogues
- Direction
- Cinematography
- Music and BGM
- Lag in 2nd half
- Duration
- Lacks the expected impact
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : Worth one time watch


   ABCD got released in a total of 78 theaters all over Kerala. The movie was released amidst huge hype and the movie is receiving mixed to positive word of mouth. First day collection of ABCD is figured to be around 80 lakhs.
   The 5 days gross of the movie is estimated to be 3.36 crores.
   ABCD has acquired the HIT status within a week and the total gross of the movie is 4.2 crores.
   Collections have slowed down in the second week. The total collection has reached 6.20 crores. The movie is expected to be a superhit if it can maintain the momentum in the coming weeks also.
     ABCD is receiving heavy competition from Singam 2 and also Ramzan will reduce the gross from malabar region. As the movie completes three week run, the total gross is around 7.10 crores.
        ABCD escapes successfully from the clutches of Singam 2. The movie is holding up in 40 theaters as it completes five week run. So far, the total number of shows is figured to be around 7,200. The main advantage of the movie is that the movie is cashing very well at the centers outside kerala as well. The total gross of ABCD from kerala alone is estimated to be 8.40 crores. ABCD can be stated as a SUPER HIT and this is the second Super Hit in the career of Dulquer Salmaan.
       The total collection of ABCD is estimated to be around 9.40 Crores.

Weekly Bulletin - June 14 - New Releases and Cinema News

                                     NEW RELEASES

The movies that are releasing today are the following :

1) ABCD - American Born Confused Desi :
   Martin Prakkat made his debut in 2010 with 'Best Actor' and the movie was a Super hit. 'ABCD - American Born Confused Desi' is releasing huge and the expectations are high as it's a Dulquer Salmaan starrer. It's second NRI role for DQ after faizee in Anwar Rasheed's Usthad Hotel. Jacob Gregory, Akkara Kazhchakal fame plays another important role in the movie as the best friend of Dulquer Salmaan. The camera work is done by Jomon John. The songs are composed by Gopi Sunder. Jhony mone Jhony, the song sung by Dulquer has already created huge buzz and is fetching him great praise.

3) Left Right Left :
     Left Right Left is directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and written by Murali Gopi. Their previous venture 'Ee Adutha Kalath' was very well received by the critics. 'Ee Adutha Kalath' had one of the best scripts in the recent times. The star cast of the film includes Indrajith, Murali Gopi, Lena, Remya Nambeesan, Anusree, Hareesh peradi, Mammukoya, Vijayaraghavan, Baiju, Saiju kurup etc.. The music is composed by Gopi Sunder for the lyrics written by Rafeeq ahmed. Left Right Left is a social drama thriller and the movie is said to be narrated in a unique style. 'Ee Adutha Kalath' was unique for it's screenplay, narration and story. Expecting Left Right Left to do the same.

3) Thank You :
      This movie is directed by V K Prakash and scripted by Arun Lal. VK Prakash's second movie after 'Natholi oru cheriya meenalla' which was a flop at the box office. Thank You is lead by Jayasurya and Honey Rose. The supporting cast of the movie includes Sethu, Tini Tom, Mukundhan etc.. This movie has an interesting plot in which a person travels the whole Trivandrum city in an auto rickshaw searching something. The Music composer is Bijibal and the cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna. The movie is produced by Shahul Hamid under the banner of Marikar films.

Prominent movies releasing next week : 5 Sundarikal


> Prithviraj is cast for an important role in Shahrukh Khan's new flick 'Happy New Year' which will be directed by Farah Khan. Prithviraj has already acted in two hindi movies - he debuted in 'Aiyyaa' as the lead and a powerful police officer character in 'Aurangzeb'.

> Dileep and Jose Thomas are coming together after the blockbuster 'Mayamohini'. Vedhika is cast opposite Dileep and this is going to be her debut in malayalam films.

> Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal - This Dileep starrer will be directed,  produced and distributed by Lal Jose. This movie will be scripted by James Albert. The movie will release towards the end of the year. Lal Jose is currently working on 'Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum' starring Kuchacko Boban.

Weekly Bulletin - JUNE II - Latest Malayalam Movie releases and News Headlines

                 NEW RELEASES
The following are the movies that releases today :
1) Honey Bee :
     This is the directional venture of Jean Paul Lal, the son of director-actor Lal. The movie is starring Asif Ali, Sreenath bhasi, Baburaj, Balu, Bhavana, Archana Kavi, Lal, Suresh Krishna and also Mythili in a special appearance. Honey Bee is a youthful romantic comedy entertainer. The script is also written by Lal Jr. The movie is produced by Sibi Thotupuram and Jobi Mandamatom under the banner of SJM entertainments. The cinematography is done by Alby and editing by Ratheesh Raj. The songs are composed by Deepak Dev.

2) Pigman :
     After an award winning debut in 2007, this is the second directional venture of Avira rebecca. This movie is releasing in a low note which is lead by Jayasurya and Remya Nambeeshan. The supporting cast includes Jagathy shreekumar, Salim Kumar, Harishree asokan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Thalaivasal Vijay, KPAC lalita, Baburaj, MR Gopakumar etc.
     The movie is produced by TR Sreeraj under the banner of Sree Surya Films and the movie is distributed by Sreeraj films. The music is composed by Gautham. The cinematography is done by Pradeep Nair and the editing is done by Nikil Venu.
3) Teens :
     Teens is directed by Jahangir Shams. The movie is starring Sajith Raj, Madhupal, Divyadarshan, Kalasala Babu, Sonia, Ganapathy, Sathar,  Niyas Bakker etc.

> The trailer of full length animation movie of Rajnikanth, 'Kochadaiyan' to be released 9th this month.
> The releasing of '5 Sundarikal' has postponed to 20th June.
> The release date of Vijay's Thalaiva has also been postponed to August 9.
> Veteran actress Sripriya is set to direct the Tamil - Telugu remake of 22 Female Kottayam. Nithya Menon is roped to reprise the role done by Rima Kallingal in this women centric movie.
> Mamas, the director of Pappi Appacha and Cinema Company, is set to direct the sequel of 'Ramji Rao speaking'. As per the rumors, he has already started the scripting and the movie will be lead by the former trio.
> 'Samrajyam 2' shoots are in it's final schedule and the movie is set to release next month.
> Kamal and Jayaram join hands for the next movie named 'Nadan'.
> Prithviraj and Andrea to pair in the new movie 'London Bridge' directed by Anil C Menon.

Honey Bee Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

     The movie has created quite a buzz since it's trailer release and the movie was discussed as it is the debut venture of Lal Junior. Honey Bee tells the story of Sebastian (Asif Ali), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi), Ambrose Perera (Balu), Fernandez Disilva (Baburaj) , Angel (Bhavana), and Sara (Archana Kavi) who are part of a music band based in fort kochi.
      Undoubtedly, Jean Paul Lal proves that he is a talented director. Honey Bee is a youthful masala entertainer which simultaneously belongs to comedy, romance and thriller genre. The movie has got most of it's scenes featuring drinking and smoking weeds (Statutory warning : Drinking and smoking is dangerous to health :P)
      Eventhough, the movie is led by Asif Ali, the real show stealers are Baburaj and Sreenath Bhasi. As Sebastain, Asif Ali has done justice to his role. His pairing with Bhavana (Angel) was commendable. Baburaj and Sreenath Bhasi will make you rofl. Lal has done a good job as the villain but nothing new. Balu, Staton Edward, Archana Kavi, Amith Chackalakal, Hasim and Suresh Krishna has done their supporting act very well.
      The script is handled by Jean Paul Lal by himself. The story is simple but the narration is interesting and engaging. First half of the movie has most of the hilarious moments. As the movie progresses it becomes racy with few twists towards the end. The movie ends in a decent, not-so-bad way. The cinematography by Alby needs special appreciation. Also the editing work without any lags by Ratheesh raj must be applauded. The songs and background score is one of the main highlights of the movie.
    Honey Bee will be liked by the general mass audience, especially the youth. It is doubtful if family audience will risk for this movie which has few adult and toilet jokes.
POSITIVES :                                                                   NEGATIVES:
- Direction                                                                       - Few Slow motion sequences
- Cast Performance                                                         - Overusage of liquor and weed scenes
- Songs and BGM
- Hilarious Jokes
- Cinematography
- Editing

Rating : 3/5
Verdict : GOOD !!! Worth one time watch


              Honey Bee has acquired positive WOM and the movie is doing well in the box office. The movie which was released in 75 theaters has got excellent opening collection of 1.70 crores in 3 days.
               The movie has collected around 3 crores in it's first week ahead of big releases. The competition at the box office will be tight upon the release of ABCD and Left Right Left.
              Despite the release of crowd puller 'ABCD', the movie has maintained it's collection in the main centers. As the movie completes two weeks in 75 theaters, the total gross has reached 5.45 crores.
               As Honey Bee completes three weeks, it stays in 70 theatres and the total collection is 6.65 crores.
               The movie has collected 7.55 crores in it's four week run.
              Honey Bee is still hot in the box office even after six weeks from it's release. The total gross of the movie is figured to be around 8.30 crores. Continuing successful run at around 40 theaters and total number of theatrical shows is around 8,250.
              The final gross of Honey Bee is estimated to be around 9.10 Crores.