Sound Thoma Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report

                                Sound Thoma is directed by Vyshak. Sound Thoma is another masala comedy entertainer like his previously directed movies - Pokkiri Raja, Seniors and Mallu Singh. As per pre-release analyst Sound Thoma is also set to become another Super hit. Vyshak is unbeaten since his debut with Pokkiri Raja and he has also created waves at the box office with Seniors and with Mallu Singh which went on to become super hits. This is for the first time Janapriya Nayakan is cast as the lead in Vyshak's movie and a bang is expected in the theaters when they come together.
                               Sound Thoma is produced by Anoop. The script work is done by Benny P Nayarambalam. Script by Benny P Nayarambalam is disappointing due to it's predictability and concept. The unrealistic plot and cooked up comedy scenes are the main let down of the movie. The cinematography work is done by Shaji Kumar. Shaji has done a commendable job with the cameras. The song visuals seemed to be a duplicated version of Telugu movies. The songs and the background scores of the movie is done by Gopi Sunder. The songs were average except 'Thoma Style' which generates few laughs in the theater. The editing of the movie is managed by Mahesh Narayanan.                                Sound Thoma - Dileep outshines as cleft lipped thoma but the pathetic script ruins the whole party. Namitha Pramod as the lead actress has done an appreciable job. Mukesh, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sai Kumar, Nedumudi venu has done their supporting roles very well. You may like Sound Thoma if watched with less expectations and forgetting the fact that it's a Vyshakh venture. It's high time for Vyshakh to change his hit formulas as the movie is a impatient as far an average viewer is considered. The movie may go on to become box office success due to Dileep's star power but this movie will negatively affect both their careers.


                            As a Dileep starrer and Vyshakh venture, the film has acquired a good opening 2 days collection of 1.5 crores. With an average word of mouth, Sound Thoma is going to be the second super hit for Dileep this year. Dileep is likely to be continuing his rule over malayalam box office.
                           Its already been rumored that Sound Thoma has acquired highest satellite rights by a malayalam movie ever. Moreover, the movie is fairing well in box office collection as well. It has managed a 5 Crores plus within two weeks run.
                          Sound Thoma topped in collections during the vishu season which is running steadily in 70+ theaters  With 5,500 shows in total, Sound Thoma has already collected amazing 7.50 Crores from box office. Mammootty starrer Immanuel has not managed to hold uo with this masala comedy entertainer.
                         Sound Thoma is Dileep's second super hit of the year after Kammath and Kammath. This man can cash a film at the box office all alone. Sound Thoma has crossed 7,000 theatrical shows and has collected 8.70 Crores in it's four week run.
                         Sound Thoma has completed it's five week run in 40 plus theaters and the box office collection figure has reached 9.15 Crores.
                         The final collection figures of the movie is 10.20 crores.

Immanuel Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report

                        Immanuel is directed by Lal jose and the script work is done by AC Vijeesh. Lal jose and Mammootty are coming together for a movie after around 10 years gap. The last movie they worked together was Pattalam in 2003. The movie Immanuel is produced by George. The songs are composed by Afzal yusuf. The editing department is managed by Ranjan Abraham. The movie is distributed by Mammootty's own distribution company Playhouse.
                        The movie is aptly named as 'Immanuel' which tells the story of Immanuel (played by Mammootty) and about everything happening in his surroundings. Lal Jose is to be praised again for his clean and class direction. Undoubtedly, Lal Jose will continue his winning streak through Immanuel also. Eventhough Mammootty has nothing challenging to do in this role, as always he has kept his standards right. Fahad faasil will again steal your heart with yet another energetic performance. At times we may feel if Fahad faasil is outshining Mammootty or not? Reenu Mathews, the actress in her debut did her part very well. Immanuel is feel good movie which will mainly be backed by the family audiences.


                       At the box office, Immanuel is to battle against Janapriya nayakan Dileep's Sound Thoma. Since Sound Thoma is a masala family entertainer from Vyshak, it is having the upper hand over Immanuel. Despite sound competition from 'Sound Thoma', Immanuel has managed to get an opening 2 days total collection of 90 lakhs (appox).
Immanuel is receiving good word of mouth comparing to Dileep's Sound Thoma. As per initial trend, Immanuel is surely gonna give Mammootty a hatrick hit after 'Bavuttiyude Namathil' and 'Kammath and Kammath'.
                       A Family Hit! With a total of 3,200 theatrical shows, Immanuel has managed to collect 4.20 Crores in it's two weeks run. Immanuel has got the least budget of all the movies on the ground right now.
                      Third week and still holding in 50+ theatres, thanks to the word of mouth. Third week collection is figured to be 6.20 Crores with 4,500 theatrical shows in total.
                     Mammootty continues his success at box office with Immanuel. Immanuel is surely set for a long run in box office. Immanuel has crossed 6,000 theatrical shows and the collection is at 7.15 Crores.
                     Immanuel has managed to hold up in 20 plus theaters as it completes five week run. The collection is figured out to be around 7.50 Crores.
                      As Immanuel completes sixth week run, the box office collection of Immanuel is around 7.50 Crores.
                     Immanuel has completed it's 50 days run. The movie is still holding up in 20 theaters. The movie is doing decent business in Calicut and Trivandrum.
                        The movie got terminated at the theatres on it's 92nd day of theatrical run. The total gross of the movie is around 7.75 crores. This is the highest grosser of Mammootty since 2010.
                        After a termination in between, Immanuel is back in TVM and completes successful 100 days. So far, Immanuel has the longest run this year.