Alex Pandiyan Tamil Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

Alex Pandiyan is a tamil masala entertainer directed by Suraj which released in almost 450 screens all over tamil nadu. This is for the first time that Karthi Sivakumar is joining hand with director Suraj. The dubbed version of the movie is releasing in telugu in the name 'Bad Boy'.
      Anushka is the daughter of Tamil Nadu CM. Alex(Karthi) is ordered by Alvin & Dr. GKM's (Suman) to kidnap Anushka. As per their plan Alvin wants to supply medicines in TM restricted in US with the help of CM. During the process, Alex and Anushka falls in love and she changes his mind. Rest of the story is how Alex beats the goons and saves Anushka.

     Talking about Alex Pandiyan, it has an overdose of masala and action. The first 15 minutes of the movie was thrilling which includes the train stunt sequence. The opening fight sequence is brilliantly picturized and choreographed. The first half of the movie is truly entertaining with Karthi's fights and Shanthanam's comedy sequences. But Second half of the movie will let you down and expectation bar rised in the beginning will be completely shattered. The script of the movie appears to be a collection of fight sequences and chase scenes.
     Alex Pandiyan will boost the mass image developed by 'Siruthai', 'Saguni' and will help to establish himself as a mass hero. Karthi shines with his comedy timing along with Shanthanam. Karthi has improved his dancing skills as well. Shanthanam along with karthi will make you laugh throughout the movie with his witty dialogues. The combination scenes of Karthi and Shanthanam are the highlights of the movie eventhough they appear to be forcibly added into the script. Anushka appears only in very few scenes and she looks glamorous best. Villians doesn't have much to do and they disappear without any impact.
       Songs by Devi Sri Prasad seems good especially ‘Onnam Class', ‘Thakka Thayya' and 'Bad Boy'. But the fact is that songs are positioned oddly and all of a sudden changes the mood. The background scores by Devi Sri Prasad is appreciable. Action choreography is below average and didn't rise up to the expectations. The editing by Praveen and Srikanth is average. Dialogues are written by the director himself and he has done a good job. Camera work by Saravanan are at top notch especially in the first half.
       The question mark is loud at karthi - Will Alex Pandiyan do any good to  karthi's career?

    All over Tamil Nadu, the movie is releasing in 450 screens in total.

Highest grossers of 2012 - Malayalam Box Office update

     Around 127 movies were released in 2012. The maximum number of films were released this year since 1982 - garnering a business worth Rs.600 crore.
     2012 was the year of Janapriyanayakan Dileep who came up with films Mayamohini, My Boss, Mr Marumakan and Spanish Masala. Mohanlal had 5 releases out of which 'Run Babby Run' ran well. Other hits of Mohanlal include B.Unnikrishnan's 'Grandmaster' and Ranjith's 'Spirit'. Mammootty had 7 releases out of which only 'Bavuttiyude Namathil' saved his face.
     Kunjacko Boban had a dream run this year with blockbuster 'Ordinary' and Mallu singh. Fahadh faasil had 3 hits including Diamond Necklace, 22 Female Kottayam and Annayum Rasoolum. 2012 witnessed the rise of Dulquer Salmaan with year's first hit 'Second Show' and superhit 'Ustad Hotel'. Prithviraj's debut film in Bollywood 'Aiyyaa' released this year and he has 'Ayalum Njanum Thammil' as a hit in his credit. Nivin Pauly smashed as a romantic hero in blockbuster 'Thattathin Marayathu'.
Out of which 10 of the highest grossers are listed below :

1. Mayamohini - 19.63 Crores

    Dileep's female avatar, Mayamohini received extraordinary response from the audience eventhough it received negative word of mouth and critical reception.

2. Ordinary - 15.11 Crores

    Ordinary had an extra-ordinary run all over kerala with the support from family audience. Ordinary was the first blockbuster of the year.

3. Run Babby Run - 14.36 Crores

                            A typical Joshiy film which received huge opening in theatres. After Christian Brothers, another roaring blockbuster from Mohanlal-Joshiy team.

4. Thattathin Marayathu - 12.90 Crores

     The Musical romantic trendsetter of the year. Upon it's release Thattathin Marayath developed cult following especially among the youths of kerala.

5. My Boss - 12* Crores

    My Boss is the last among the 5 blockbusters of 2012. It is continuing it's successful run in 2013 as well. My Boss is second blockbuster of Dileep this year.

6. Ustad Hotel - 9.12 Crores

    Dulquer Salmaan who started his career in 2012 itself came up with a superhit under the director Anwar Rasheed. The film could have done better if it's release was timed wisely.

7. Spirit - 8.20 Crores

    Spirit released with much hype as a socially themed film against alcohol. Spirit got the highest initial collection ever for a Ranjith film.

8. Mallu Singh - 8.50 Crores

    In 2010 - PokkiriRaja, 2011 - Seniors and in 2012 Vyshakh is back with another hit 'Mallu Singh'. Unni Mukundan's first film as the lead.

9. Grandmaster - 7 Crores

    First malayalam venture of UTV Motion Pictures. The film received high appreciation from the critics. Third film of Mohanlal in the list.

10. Ayalum Njanum Thammil - 6.28 Crores

     The film was well received by the critics as well as audience. But this film was worsly affected by the theater strike.

Top 10 Malayalam Movies of 2012

    Exactly 127 films were released in 2012 excluding dubbed and other language releases in kerala. Malayalam film industry had altogether a wonderful journey in 2012 and the credit entirely goes to the renovated scripts from scriptwriters and an appreciable change in the mentality of the directors who now believes that stardom is an added advantage not a basic formula. An approximate estimate is that 5 films are blockbusters and more than 10 films are listed in the hit chart. Also think about the loss created by the remaining films in this micro industry.
        We have listed down the top 10 malayalam movies of 2012.The movies are listed based on the criterias like entertainment, freshness in script, box office success, public opinion etc.

     Vineeth sreenivasan's second directional venture which narrates the love story of Vinod (Nivin pauly) and Aisha (Isha Talwar). Upon it's release the film developed cult following especially among the youths of kerala. Thattathin Marayath is one among the  highest grossers of 2012.
      Thattathin Marayath has a simple cute storyline which thoroughly engages you with highly laughable wits. Thattathin Marayath is worth watching more than one time.

   Directed by Anwar Rasheed, Ustad Hotel is Dulquer Salmaan's second film in 2012. Dulquer Salmaan's second consecutive hit of the year after 'Second Show'. The film is considered to be one of the highest grossers of 2012.
      Script by Anjali Menon is one of the best in the recent times. Ustad Hotel has a perfect menu with romance, dramatic plots, outstanding cast performance and totally entertaining. An amazing movie which leaves an impact within ourselves long after the end credits.

     After their previous movie Christian Brothers when director Joshiy and superstar Mohanlal joins hand, nothing less than a blockbuster is expected. This commercial thriller movie was released during the onam celebrations. Run Babby Run is the third highest grosser of the year.
      The superb performance of Mohanlal and the cast as well as the direction makes Run Babby Run a thrilling and interesting watch. The song "Attumanal Payayil" sung by Mohanlal himself became instant hit and was well received by the public. Mohanlal is the most successful actor of the year after Dileep.

     Lal Jose's second movie of the year after 'Spanish Masala'. This is Fahadh faasil's first hit of 2012 which was followed by 22 Female Kottayam and Annayum Rasoolum.
      Diamond Necklace is a brilliant, the so called 'new generation' movie which was commercial success in the box office. Outstanding performance from the star cast is one of the main positives of the movie.

    Ee adutha kalath is a brainy entertainer written by Murali Gopi and directed by Arun Kumar Aravind( cocktail fame). The movie ended as an average grosser in box office due to improper theatrical release along with biggies.
    The main hero of the movie is it's script, which puts you in a confusing state during the first half and then gives you a clear picture in the second half. The film has got outstanding performances from all its actors, and with a good direction, back ground music and a distinctive narrative style which makes the movie an outstanding one.
    Directed by Aashiq Abu, 22 Female Kottayam is a well received film by critics and public with positive response. The film is a commercial success in box office.
    22FK has got the best performances from Rima Kallingal and Fahadh faasil. Hats off to Aashiq Abu for the bold attempt and for a refreshingly different film.

    Director Lal Jose's third film of the year. The film was jointly written by brothers Bobby and Sanjay. The movie is a commercial success in the box office.
    A spectacular comeback by Prithviraj with superb performance after many flop projects. The film is told in a non-linear manner as the scriptwriters did in ‘Traffic'. Impressively directed and well acted, Ayalum Njanum Thammil is yet another must watch film from director Lal Jose.
      Ranjith's Bavuttiyude Namathil was released in december as a relief to the Mammootty's draught of hits. Initial trends shows that Bavuttiyude Namathil will be a commercial success.
        Bavuttiyude namathil has one of the best performances of Mammootty without any heroism or punch dialogues. Bavuttiyude Namathil is simple, refreshing, socially relevant themed movie.

    Spirit is the only film of Ranjith in 2012 as a director. Spirit is declared as a superhit in the box office. Spirit got the highest initial collection ever for a Ranjith film.
      Spirit has one of the finest performances of Mohanlal in recent times. Spirit has got heart and succeeds in conveying the message against alcohol to the viewers.

     Grandmaster was directed by B.Unnikrishnan and produced by  UTV Motion Pictures. Grandmaster is a safe venture for it's producers.
     Grandmaster is an investigative suspense thriller in which Mohanlal comes up with a meticulous performance. The movie has got action, lot of brain-work and a tremendous suspense at the end.

Do you agree with us? Tell us if your opinion is different from that of us by commenting below.

Annayum Rasoolum Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

                 Annayum Rasoolum is Rajeev Ravi's debut film as a director starring Fahadh faasil and Andrea jeremiah in the lead. The star cast also include Sunny wayne(Second show fame) and Soubin shahir. The tamil playback singer Andrea jeremiah is in her first malayalam movie and she has big releases like Vishwaroopam in 2013. The movie is jointly produced by K. Mohanan and Vinod Vijayan. Script of the movie is written by Rajeev ravi himself along with G. Sethunath and Santhosh Echikkanam. Songs are composed by Kay.                     Annayum Rasoolum is a perfect example for the revolutionary changes happening in Malayalam cinema during the recent years. Though it drags alot during 3hrs, the movie was very good. The movie progresses through the narration of Ashley (Sunny Wayne's Character).
                    Annayum Rasoolum is about a love story between a taxi driver in Kochi named Rasool (Fahad Fasil) and a christian girl named Anna (Andrea Jeremiah). The movie explains about their first meeting, falling in love and its end. Fahad Fasil and Andrea did their roles perfectly without any artificiality. The movie is a very natural and simple one without any heroic elements or stunt scenes. In brief Annayum Rasoolum is a normal love story with exceptionally good presentation. The movie is really a good watch.
                   The casting side is one of the positives of the movie. Fahad Fasil as always was brilliant and his female counterpart, Andrea Jeremiah did surprisingly well. Sunny Wayne steals the show by his natural acting. He does a very serious Character in the movie after his highly appreciated roles in Second Show and Thattathin Marayath.
                   Technically the movie was good. Director has done a good job. The script has got nothing new to give. The music, songs and BGM was apt to the plot. The movie would have been better if it was made 15-20 minutes shorter.
Overall Annayum Rasoolum is an Above Average movie and will never let you down. The movie is really a good watch.
                  The movie maybe a commercial failure due to less commercialization and the still clinging Christmas releases including Mammootty's Bavuttiyude Namathil, Mohanlal's Karmayodha and Da Thadiya. 

POSITIVES :                                            NEGATIVES :

-Fahd Fasil and Andrea Jeremieh               -Length
-Supporting casts                                       -Boring in many places
-Songs and Visualisation                             -Story

RATING : 2.5/5
VERDICT : Above Average

Earlier the movie was expected to release on Xmas, the movie released on January 4th in a total of 56 theatres.
Xmas releases are still steady and strong in the theaters. Moreover, the movie was able to acquire only an average word of mouth. Let us watch out for the fate of Annayum Rasoolum.
Annayum Rasoolum is getting good response from the audience. First week collection is estimated to be 1.69 Crores thus leading the boxoffice in it's releasing week.
Two weeks collection is estimated to be 2.87 Crores. Still It's holding strong in 51 theatres all over kerala.
Three weeks collection is estimated to be around 3.21 crores.
A lifetime gross of 3.50 Crores is expected.