Husbands in Goa Malayalam Movie review and Boxoffice collection report

The movie Husbands in Goa tells the story of three friends (Jayasurya who is a CA, Asif Ali who is an interior designer, Indrajith who is an advocate) married to three beautiful women. Inorder to get away from their wives, they escape on to goa. Incidentally, their wives comes to know that and sets to catch red handed.On their way to Goa, the three freinds meet another stranger(role played by lal) who jumps them into grave problems

+VES :
1st Half (In positive section because of second half)
Jayan - Indran - Lal - Asif ( Superb combination)
Wholy Colourful
The remade song

-VES :
Predictable Climax
Happy Husbands track itself
Someone please ban MG shreekumar


The movie has collected 2.07 crores in 3 days
The movie has collected  2.90 crores in 7 days
The movie has collected 3.76 crores in 10 days
The movie has collected 5.15 crores in 28 days
The movie has collected 4.65 crores in 31 Days
Finalised the collection around 5 crores.

Bhama's Modern look

Its so fascinating to see how actresses are portrayed in different industries where they are alien to the viewers.
   Recently she was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly mentioned that the roles she wanted to do in Malayalam, she is getting them in Kannada and she is quite happy about it.
       Malayalam village girl Bhama seems to have fallen in love with Sandalwood and in her kannada movies she is quite glamorous.
     Malayalees.....We can see bhama with Nivin Pauly in absolute modern looks ;). The movie is titled 'Neram' which is releasing in tamil also.
Did you like the glamorous makeover of bhama?