Mohanlal without makeup and hair wig

Have you ever doubt if Mohanlal or any other actor is wearing a wig?
That's true but the fact is that it is not just normal wig, it is called hair fixing.
'The Prince' is the last movie in which Mohanlal appeared without any wig. He has been using this hair fixing from the film 'Rakhta Saksikal Sindabad'.
Not only Mohanlal, most of the prominent actors in Malayalam (including Mammootty, Jayaram, Jayasurya, Kunchacko Boban, Prithviraj etc) and other film industries are following this technique. This sort of hair fixing is normal nowadays when actors having enough hair also uses it for stylish purposes.
          Hair Fixing is done by first of all shaving of the whole existing hair. Then a patch of hair particularly designed for certain shaped head are pasted on the head. This will stay on the head for a minimum of two-three weeks until the sticking property diminishes. This patch of hair will be exactly a look alike of the original hair.

Run Baby Run Malyalam movie review and Boxoffice collection report : Starring Mohanlal, Amala paul

If you liked Twenty20, Christian Brothers surely you gonna enjoy this movie because it is a typical Joshiy film. The script is predictable but made interesting with classic jokes and thrilling twists. Most of the twists are predictable but the skilful execution of the plot by director Joshiy makes it entertaining. It is a good Onam treat from Joshiy - Mohanlal team. The movie is an ultimate commercial combination of genres thriller and comedy.      Venu (Role played by Mohanlal) is internationally acknowledged journalist working even for Reuters. When he returns back to Kerala after a long time, he incidentally meets his former relationship partner Renuka(Role played by Amala Paul). They gets separated after a failure of a plan they works on for the initial launch of a channel by the character played by Biju Menon. They successfully sneaks and shoots a scam taking place between an industrialist played by Siddeque and a senior minister played by Sai Kumar,
  As always our lalettan has done a appreciable job. Amala paul, Biju Menon, Siddeque have done their part convincingly. Cinematographer RD Rajashekhar needs special appreciation for his work. As usual Joshiy has done full justice to the subject at hand and has delivered perfectly well.
      Predictable script
      Usual Climax
Verdict : A watchable thriller


Run Baby Run was released in a total of 72 theatres all over Kerala . Apart from Kerala, the movie was released in major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Banglore.
The critical responses and word of mouth indicates that Run Baby Run will be a blockbuster.
        Run Baby Run takes a grand opening of 90 lakhs with the support of Mohanlals huge fan following. At Angamaly Carinal cinemas, the film was housefull for all the six shows in the opening day. The film had collected approximately 3.6 Lakhs from the newly opened multiplex at Angamaly.
     2 days collection at 1.47 cr.
     5 days collection at 3.95 cr....fabulous......
     10 days distributor share is 4.25 cr of total 7.25 cr...... SUPER HIT
     12 days collection at whoooping 8.40 cr.......
     26 days collection at 13.02 Crores.... BLOCKBUSTER
     31 days collection at 13.55 Crores....huge removals will effect the collection
     33 days collection at 13.79 Crores.....running in 25 theatres
44 days collection at 14.00 Crores......
50 days collection at 14.33 crores....successfully running in 13 theatres
14.21 Crores from 54 Days.....
A movie which wasn't expected to collect more than 10 crores.
Now it had collected whooping 16.21 crores.

Thappana Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report : Starring Megastar Mammootty, Charmy kaur

Review : 
            First of all let me remind you, If you wanna watch this malayalam film "Thappana", then don't go with much expectations.
    "Thappana" starts off with Samson (role played by Mammootty) and Mallika (role played by Charmy) released from the jail. Samson is a local criminal and jail term is not new for him, On the other side Mallika is sentenced to prison for killing a man to save her own husband. After the jail term, Samson develops some soft corner for
Mallika. Some strange incidents led Samson to escort Mallika to her home safely.
    Thappana has a simple story. The first half of the movie is interesting and simple with perfect take off ,logical humour, a beautiful song namely 'Oorum Perum' and fine performance from our megastar mammookka. The second half of  Thappana is as well enjoyable with some extremely beautiful shots of karippa village, some laugh-out-loud comedy sequences and an ordinary climax. I am sure that film won't disappoint you and will be liked by family viewers.
          It is good news for Mammootty Fans that Thappana has received the best word of mouth for any Mammootty film over the past 18 months.


          Comedy sequences
          Cast performance

          Predictable Climax - not bad at all
          Old wine in new kuppi


   Released in 77 theatres in kerala and the first day collection is 70 lacks which is above average opening. Thappana has managed a better public opinion which will help in its long run.
     The film is heading towards 3.5 Crore in the opening week with a distributor share of 1.6 cr.
Its known that there had been only 3 removals after 2 weeks run which is highly encouraging.
    Grossed exactly 3.48 crores from 8 days.Thappana is slowly picking up its collection.
        Thappana is getting steady collections in its second week. Trending looks like the film will ends Mammootty’s long wait for a solid hit.
      5.15 crores from 15 days.
      5.77 crores from 22 days..... RBR effect in collection ;)
      Final collection is figured to be around 7.50 crores. Producer Milan Jaleel himself has stated Thappana as a safe venture and a hit. But Thappana didnt perform in BO as expected.

Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report 2012 - summarized

Last Updated ()

      Mayamohini - 19.63 cr
      Ordinary - 15.10 cr
      Run Babby Run - 14.21 cr
      My Boss - 12 cr (50 days)


      Usthad Hotel - 9.12 Cr
      Spirit - 8.2 cr

      22 Female kottayam - 4.52 cr
      Diamond Necklace - 5.26 cr
      Mallu Singh - 8.48
      GRANDMASTER - 7.00 cr
      Cobra - 6.05 cr
      Second Show - 3.43 cr
      Ayalum Njanum Thammil - 6.28 cr
      Mr.marumakan - 7.90 cr
      THAPPANA - 7.50 cr


      The King and The Commissioner - 11.50 cr - Below Average
      Ee Adutha Kalath - 2.55 - Above Average


      BACHELOR PARTY : 4.68 cr
      HERO - 1.87 cr
      Thiruvambadi Thamban - 1.04 cr
      Masters - 3.50 cr
      Spanish Masala - 6.90 cr
      Casanovva - 14.90
      Padmasree Bharat Dr Sarojkumar - 1.40 cr
      Asuravithu - 0.63 cr
      Kunjaliyan - 0.76 cr
      CINEMA COMPANY - 0.30 cr
      Friday - 0.95 cr
      Jawan of Vellimala - around 5 cr


      Simhasanam - 1.46 cr
      Face To Face - below 2 cr

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10 continuous flop list completed by Shaji Kailas with SIMHASANAM

Born               : August 17, 1965 (age 47)
Occupation     : Film director,Screenwriter
Years activ     : 1989 - present
Spouse           : Annie

          Shaji Kailas is one among the leading Malayalam Film Directors known for his action films. He entered movie industry with the movie 'news' starring suresh gopi. His movies like The Commissioner, Narasmiham, The King , Aram Thampuran, Valyettan where celebrated by fans and where huge commercial successes in the box office.
    The year 2000 was a something special for Shaji Kailas as he brought out two huge hits in a row. Narasimham, released in the first weeks of the year, with Mohanlal in the lead role swept the box office and create a Mohanlal mania over the state. Next Shaji kailas along with Mammootty created a boom in box office with valyettan.
    Its seen that in the recent times the usual Shaji kailas formula isnt working out well with the audience as well the critics.With his latest release SIMHASANAM starring Prithviraj, he completed 10 flops in a row. His last successful movies are  Chinthamani Kolacase and The Tiger (2006) starring Suresh Gopi in both.
In this list of 10 flops, Superstar's Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi has three films each and Dileep, Prithviraj has one each. Among the 10, 'Red Chilies' and 'The King and the Commissioner' were the most awaited movies by the respective fans. But both not only disappointed them but also terribly failed in the boxoffice.
                             Following is the list of Shaji Kailas's 10 continuous Flops list from 2006 to 2012:

1) The Don

       The Don was much hyped movie for the Dileep's avatar as a Don. The script work was done by J Pallasery.

2) BabaKalyani (2006)

      Baba Kalyani, a movie released in 2006 in which Mohanlal dons the role of an undercover secret officer. A racy script work done by SN swami but failed to do well in box office.

3) Time (2007)

      A suspense thriller starring Suresh Gopi in the lead as a police officer. The camera work were done by Raja ratnam. The movie was failure in box office.

4) Ali Bhai (2007)

      Again, another Mohanlal starrer in which he enacts the role of a local goon. The movie was intially well recieved by the fans due to the huge hype but failed to create any impact in the box office. The movie was not able recover the budget of 5 crores.

5) Sound of Boot (2008)

     Another Suresh Gopi movie which was released in 2008. This was the only movie of Shaji Kailas which was released in 2008.

6) Red Chilies (2009)

     Red Chilies was one of the most hyped movie of 2009 starring Mohanlal. But the movie was disaster due to it's poor scripting and presentation. This movie was budgeted around 4.5 Crores.

7) Drona 2010

One of the most hyped movie of Mammootty in 2010 in which Mammootty appears in double role. The songs done by Deepak dev were instant hit but the movie was a failure in box office.

8) August 15 (2011)

 Another Mammootty starrer and this movie is the sequel of blockbuster movie 'August 1'. The movie had a wide release and was backed up with modern technology. But the movie was a disaster in box office.

9) The king and the commissioner (2012)

 A movie which had a potential of being a blockbuster in which the epic characters, Joseph Alex and Barath Chandran unites. The movie was well received by fans but failed to recover the huge budget of 8 Crores. The movie was produced by Anto Joseph.

10) Simhasanam (2012)

 Starring prithviraj, the movie was released towards the end of 2012. This movie was scripted by Shaji Kailas himself. Adinte oru kuravu venda.

Next confirmed movies of Shaji kailas are Madirasi and Ginger both starred by jayaram whose movies are missing from the above list.....

Ajith's dashing muscular look at gym during workout

Ajith has been in heavy workout of around six and half hours at gym daily. The workout is for his new movie with director Vishnuvardhan. The new flick has not been named yet. First teaser has already been out and is going viral across the web.

Mammootty 25 different Hairstyles

In my collection there are over 30....I rounded the figure out by opting out similar hairstyles with the help of my friends....Here are the collection of 25 variety hairstyles of Mammootty - Our Own Mammookka. What makes him unique is that even in his 60s he looks better than the present young stars.
       If i have missed any hairstyles, you can point it out. Also tell me about your favorite, disliked choices......Feel Free to Express

Mayavi hairstyle
Parunthu hairstyle
Cobra hairstyle
Best Actor Hairstyle
Bombay March 12 Hairstyle

Thappana Hairstyle
The king hairstyle
Tharadas Hairstyle
Big B hairstyle
Pazhassiraja Hairstyle
Kuttisrank  Hairstyle
Perumal  Hairstyle
Dhrona  Hairstyle

Rajamanikyam  Hairstyle

Ambedkar  Hairstyle
Prajapathi  Hairstyle
Loudspeaker  Hairstyle