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Mammootty and Mohanlal is considered to be the greatest actors in India. In terms of Acting caliber they are as good as the best in the world. They have been the backbone of Malayalam industry for 3 decades. All these years malayalees loved them and still now have a huge fan following varying from Teen to Old aged.

Everything you should know about Mohanlal
Everything you should know about Mammootty
NOW a brief study of their acting career and judging them with the roles they have done :

Mohanlal is known to be inborn actor ,undoubtedly yes and its clear from his movies.Mammootty is criticized or it can be taken as plus that he isn't a natural actor. Mammootty answers the questioning of his acting capability through his award showcase.It can be noted that Mammootty gives different feel for each of his characters with variety looks and dialogue delivery styles.Some of his characters like Ambedhkar, Varunni ,Putturumees are examples. Mohanlal has his own realistic way of acting and it will be reflected in each of his characters. He manages each character with great ease and have got many appreciation from legends of all time.


                         Mohanlal , he is undisputed king in comedy.His movies in 20th century are evergreen for its comedy.Movies of priyadarshan-mohanlal combo are just few examples. He rose into the current fame through Comedy. Everyone(including me) believed comedy won't go right with Mammootty.Lately he proved he isn't bad at all with few movies like rajamanikyam.

                      Am totally confused.Leaving this to you guys.


                      Mohanlal has hundreds of movies in his credit.Even then there are some favorite characters done by Mammootty.
                 While Mammootty have been a family man in his movies, Mohanlal a romantic hero in their respective old movies.


                           Mohanlal's career is blessed with Classic Songs. Actually we malayalees are blessed :)
Mammootty's rakuyillin raja sadas is outstanding among his movies.


                    Vote goes to Mammootty.When he cries something really touches our heart.He has great ability in that. Valsalyam, Palunku, Poo Mukha Padiyil Ninneyum Kathu, Pappayude swantham Appoose, Karutha Pakshikal, Kathodu Kathoram, Mathilukal, Yathra and many more.
But I love the climax scene from chithram which is incredibly awesome.


                I will eagerly write an essay appreciating Mammootty's dialogue delivery skill. He is having wonderful vocals and best masculine voice in the industry. His dialogues in English are pakka.Compare the difference in dialogue delivery styles in movies like Mrigaya, Vidheyan, Ambedkar, Soorya Manasam, Kottayam kunjachan,, Ponthan Maada, Karutha Pakshikal, Dalapathy, Raja Manikyam,  Amaram, Mathilukal, Sethu Ramayaar CBI ,Pranjiyettan, Loudspeaker, Bus conductorChattambinaadu and..........
Mohanlal is at his best in Narasimham in the above category. Each dialogues had great impact - the way he delivered was unbelievable. And yeah his punch dialogues like 'nee poo mone dinesha' are all time trend setters.

Mohanlal is better than Mammootty in the above category.


       Mammootty is damn hot in every sense.He was even selected as sexiest actor by a poll conducted by vanitha among its female readers.He is considered as Style Icon
by the present generation too.He is evergreen in his looks.Will u believe that Mohanlal is around 10 year younger than Mammootty.
Mohanlal has his own style.He recent best look is in chandrolsavam and casanovva. He looks best in mundu.


            Mohanlal - Narasimham,Sagar Alias Jacky
            Mammootty - Best Actor, PokkiriRaja
Some more suggestions....


OMG....i hate when Mammootty dances and yeah most of malayalees.But the few steps from Best Actor were well choreographed and well picturised.
And of course I love the way Mohanlal dance.

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