Da thadiya Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

                              Aashiq Abu has scored a hatrick with 'Da Thadiya' following the success of '22 Female Kottayam' and 'Salt N Pepper'. Aashiq Abu strikes again with a unique themed movie that shares positive feelings with the audience.                      'Da Thadiya' explores the life of Luka (Sekhar Menon), an obese youth weighing 120 kg. The film tells the love story of Luka and his childhood friend Ann Mary Thadikkaran (Ann Augustine).
                     The movie is an excellent watch if you go without much expectations and if you forget the fact that it is Aashiq Abu movie. Salt N Pepper was a long way better than this movie in realism. Da Thadiya will entertain you and with some good positive message and a good climax, the movie will leave a happy feeling inside the viewer.
                     Casting of the movie has been done perfectly by Aashiq Abu. Sekhar Menon in title has done a decent job though this is his first film. Sekhar Menin is perfect for the role of Luka. Apart from playing the character of a supportive brother, Sreenath Bhasi also is the narrator of the movie who utters some of the best lines in the movie in kochi slang. Ann Augustine did well in romantic scenes. Nivin Pauly, Maniyan Pilla Raju, and Edavela Babu has come up with superb performances. The way Nivin Pauly was introduced and built up as 'Rahul Vaidyar' was terrific. 
             Script of the movie is simple,entertaining but it is bit dragging at times and seemed to be half-baked. 'Da Thadiya' has an interesting first half whereas the second half is a bit dragging. Cinematography and Editing by Shuju Kahlid were appreciable. Songs by Bijibal has already become favorites via social medias.
              Aashiq Abu once again proved his caliber in direction. Of course, "Da Thadiya' is a good watch among the christmas releases.

POSITIVES :                                           NEGATIVES :
- Cast Performance                                - Dragging Second half
- Plot                                                     - Fight sequence
- Direction
- Songs and BGM
- Cinematography, Editing

RATING : 2.5/5


Da Thadiya has released in 54 theatres all over kerala. Da Thadiya has able to acquire a good word of mouth.

Da Thadiya has collected a surprising 1.34 Crores in 3 days despite strong competition from superstar releases. Surely Da Thadiya will cash in its long run
With 1,260 shows in its first week, Da Thadiya has collected 2 Crores.
Da Thadiya is picking up in it's box office collection. With a total of 2,800 shows, Da Thadiya has collected 3.10 Crores in 13 days. Aashiq abu is continuing his streak of back to back hits.
The film has completed 4,200 theatrical shows in it's 20 days run. A number of removals are expected in the fourth week.

Top 5 Costliest Movies ever made in Bollywood

There have been lot movies in Bollywood on which lot of money has been spent for its production. Listing here the top 5 movie with highest budget ever in Bollywood.

1 Ra.One (2011)

      BUDGET : 125 crores + 52 crores for marketing alone

       Ra.one is a superhero science fiction directed by Anubhav Sinha, this is by
far the most expensive Bollywood film till date. Shahrukh Khan essayed the
superhero character G.one whereas 'Ra.one', the antagonist was played by
Arjun Rampal and main heroine was sizzling kareena kapoor. Also Rajnikanth,
Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra made cameo appearances in the movie.
       Ra.one being considered as a technological breakthrough among Indian
films was made with a budget of 125 crores. Further, 52 crores were spent
for marketing strategies including viral marketing, a nine-month publicity
campaign, brand tie-ups, merchandise, video games etc.
This movie was produced by red chilies entertainment. The movie received
mixed critical responses. Ra.one collected around 271 crores (US$49.32
million) worldwide including the collections from dubbed versions.

2 BLUE (2009)

     BUDGET : 120

      Directed by Anthony D’Souza and written by American writers Joshua Lurie
and Bryan M.Sullivan, 'Blue' was underwater thriller adventure film. Movie
was released in 2009 with a star cast like Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara
Dutta and Zayed Khan. The movie was loosely based on hollywood movie 'Into
the blue'
      Produced by Dhillin Mehta, the movie received negative reviews from
critics. Total production cost neared 120 crores but the movie failed to
make an impact in boxoffice. Its overall collection is estimated to be 52.5
crores and was declared as a Boxoffice Failure.

3 Don 2 (2011)

BUDGET : 70 Crores

       Don 2 is the sequel of the movie Don(2006) starring Shahrukh khan and
Priyanka Chopra in lead. The movie was directed by Farhan Akhtar and
produced combinely by Ritesh Sidhwani, Shahrukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar. Don 2
was filmed in India, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand and Switzerland.
Don 2 received mixed critical reception in India and mostly positive
response overseas. The movie was made with a budget of 70 crores and its
worldwide gross is around 228 crores.

4 Ghajini (2008)

BUDGET : 65 Crores

        Directed and written by AR Murugadoss, it is the remake of his own superhit
tamil film in the same. Aamir Khan and Asin in the lead, the film was the
biggest hit collecting around 190 crores. With a budget of 65 crores, it
was the first bollywood film to cross the 100 crore mark during its release
in 2008. During its release it became the highest grossing movies of all
time until broken by another film of Aamir Khan '3 Idiots'.

5 Bodyguard (2011)

BUDGET : 64 Crores

          Directed by Siddique, it is the second remake of Malayalam movie
'Bodygaurd' which was also remade in Tamil as 'Kaavalan'. Produced by Atul
Agnihotri, the movie was lead by Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Bodygaurd
received to mixed positive response from critics and during its release it
received highest ever opening day collection. With a budget of 64 crores,
its worldwide collection touched whooping 230 crores.

Bavuttiyude Namathil Review and Box Office Collection Report

                       Bavuttiyude Namathil is the story of Bavooty (Mammootty) who is full time driver, care-taker and a part time actor. Sethu (Shankar Ramakrishnan) & Vanaja (Kavya Madhavan) plays the couple for whom Bavooty is working for. Mariam (Kaniha) is their servant & Rima Kallingal as Noorjahan dons the role of a tuition teacher. 
                       After a long wait, Mammootty-Ranjith team is back with another simple, refreshing, socially relevant themed movie. Thus Mammootty's wait for a clean hit has come true in 2012 itself.
                       Mammootty has appeared in the movie without any heroism and the real heroism of the movie lies within Ranjith. Bavuttiyude Namathil has kinda simple and cliched script. First half of the movie has many situations which will make us laugh especially one-liners. Second half is where the story begins with serious, dramatic and even some emotional sequences and of course the climax is also executed well by Ranjith. 
                        Coming to the cast performances, Mammootty has performed well with unmatched comedy timings and flawless dialogue delivery in Malabar slang. Supporting female actresses especially kavya Madhavan has done a good job. Shankar has got a good role after Ranjith's 'Spirit'. Vineeth has got a strong role to do in BN.
                         GS Vijayan's direction was good without much faults. The songs in the movie suited best with the movie, also the visualizations are worth mentioning. 

                        Overall the movie is a good watch for this Christmas. Taking movies of Ranjith like Pranjiyettan as benchmark, Bavuttiyude Namathil is an Above average movie. Bavuttiyude namthil will be one among the best movies released in 2012. 

POSITIVES:                                  NEGATIVES:
-  Mammootty                                 -  Pointless first half (still generates many laughs)
-  Cast Performance
-  Story
-  Direction

VERDICT : Very good
RATING : leaving this stuff for you

    Bavuttiyude Namathil has released in almost 65 theaters which is second highest number of (christmas) theatrical releases behind karmayodha. But Bavuttiyude Namathil has got good word of mouth comparing other Christmas releases. Surely, Bavuttiyude Namathil will end Mammootty's drought for a clean hit.

Bavuttiyude Namathil has collected 1.40 Crores in its 3 day run.
With 1,550 shows in its 6 days theatrical run, Bavuttiyude namathil has earned 2.70 Crores. Megastar fans can have a wide grin on face.
13 days collection of Bavuttiyude Namathil has jumped to 3.90 Crores with 3,350 theatrical shows all over kerala. Bavuttiyude Namathil is clear winner of this christmas and a comeback movie for Megastar. Mammootty has a well scripted 2013 ahead. Mammootty's first release is Kammath and Kammath which is expected to release on january 25.
2 weeks collection is figured to be 5.05 Crores. BN holds strong in the released theatres with only few removals.
4 weeks collection is figured to be 5.80 Crores. The remaining christmas releases have already left the theatres.
Bavuttiyude Namathil has completed 50 days in very few theatres.

Karmayodha Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report


                Directed by Major Ravi, Karmayodha starring Mohanlal is mainly meant for Mohanlal fans. This is the first time that director Major Ravi has got out of the military barracks to tell a story. Mohanlal has come up with yet another great performance with some good one-liners and fight sequences. Mohanlal as mad maddy successfully carries the burden of the whole movie. Mad maddy is brutal and uncompromising when it comes to dealing with criminals and perverted anti social elements, who treat women as commodities and objects of pleasure.  
               Casting seems to be imperfect whereas the villain was superb. Cinematography by Pradeep Nair is good. Music by MG Sreekumar didn't keep up the expectations. Background score by Jeffrey Jonathan is really appreciable.
              Karmayodha will not let you down like previous movies of Major Ravi. Theme of the movie seems good and realistic. Scripting could have been better with a better climax. The movie makes a promising start but towards the climax the film loses it's hold as things get predictable.Some sequences reminds us of the movie 'TAKEN (2008)'. 
             Overall Karmayodha is an average movie with many imperfections and primarily made for fans. Major Ravi should refine himself. 

POSTIVES :                                   NEGATIVES :
- Mohanlal                                     - Script - Predictable Climax
- BG score                                     - Presentation
- Dialogues                                     - Songs
- Theme                                                     
VERDICT : Average
RATING : leaving this stuff for you

      Karmayodha has released in highest note this Christmas i.e in 87 theaters. But the word of mouth doesn't seems encouraging. The satellite rights of Karmayodha was sold for whooping 3.8 Crores.

Karmayodha has collected 1.65 Crores from first 3 days.....Above Average Opening......Thanks to huge hype and the number of theater releases.
Karmayodha has collected 3.40 Crores in its 6 day run....In total 2,100 theater shows all over india....For the movie to be safe it has to collect around 7 Crores which seems to be impossible.
Karmayodha is estimated to have collected around 3.75 Crores in its opening weekend with a distributors share of 1.8 Crores.
Karmayodha is not expected to have a long run and the collections may fall more than 60% in its second week which will decide its fate.
The Christmas releases' race has shifted from Karmayodha and Bavuttyude Namathil to Bavuttyude Namathil and Da Thadiya.
Karmayodha has collected an approximate 4.30 Crores in its 13 days run. So far the theatrical show count has reached 4,250. Huge number of removals are expected in the third week. The current trend shows that Karmayodha won't reach 5 Crore mark.
Surprisingly, Karmayodha still holds up in 30+ theatres even after an average second week. The film got saved from a huge fall. With 5,200 shows, Karmayodha successfully grossed 4.60 crores in 20 days.
The huge hype and a good initial collection saved Karmayodha from a huge fall. The movie is expected to be an average grosser.

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Top 5 thrilling Introduction scenes of MOHANLAL

Mistakes in the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan

In JTHJ, Samar(SRK) meets, fall in love and get separated from Meera(Katrina) from London and all these takes place in 2002. Since the movie is shot in 2012, many elements that could never be in 2002 creeped into the movie.

  • The song 'Challa' is taking place in 2002 but we can see SRK singing and dancing in this song around a place where there is the 5 rings of Olympic games.

  • Katrina's family owns a Rolls Royce Phantom and Buggati Veyron in 2002. However, the Rolls Royce Phantom was not available until 2003 and Buggati Veyron until 2005.

  • A Mercedes Benz S-Class is parked outside Katrina's house, during a scene in Kat-SRK romance period. However, that S-class model was launched only in 2007.


Samar gets separated from Meera and returns to India. He joins the Indian army and get posted in Kashmir.

  •  The fact is that Indian Army doesn't hire anyone after the age of 25 but how did Samar join the army whose already 28???

Samar meets Akira Rai(Anushka Sharma) in ladakh. Akira Rai, dives in a cold river in Ladakh because of a bet. As soon as she got into the river, she started drowning and cries for help. Samar saves her from drowning. Akira gets a dairy from Samar's jacket and comes to know about his past.

  •  Anushka Sharma's dry body is shown while jumping off the small island into the middle of river. Lemme ask How did she reach the island without getting wet?

  •  Later in the movie its revealed that Anushka's character is a national-level swimmer and deep sea diver!!!!!!!!??

      SRK comes back to London under persuasion to launch the film of Akira. There he meets Meera and finally the rejoin.

  •  After 10 years, Shahrukh khan looks changed with beard and all. But Katrina Kaif looks the same and also she doesn't look 10 years elder than Anushka Sharma.

  •  Anushka recognises Katrina at once but Anushka has never seen her before nor her picture in Shahrukh khan's dairy.

         You may feel some of the above mistakes are silly ones. Yes they are silly but I have avoided many sillier, unclear, justifiable mistakes. If you have noted any other mistakes, feel free to comment.

My Boss Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report


                Dileep plays the role of a young IT professional, Manu Varma. He is appointed as an executive assistant to Priya (Mamta Mohandas) in Mumbai. The film tells the story of the conflict between the boss and her subordinate. Dileep who is brought up in kerala, mainly aims to work abroad. Whereas Mamta, an Australian citizen dreams of leading a normal life in kerala. The conflict between them is mainly due to varied cultural backgrounds.
Priya is bold and abuses her subordinates for even a slightest mistake. She gets into trouble when some visa problems arises. She seeks help of Manu and asks him to act as her husband. Both of them moves to kerala. As the story proceeds, there are some usual comic situations and with some predictable twists and turns.


           First of all, let me say that it is pakka blatant copy of the Hollywood movie 'The Proposal' (2009) starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. At times, the film also reminded me of Priyadarshan-Mohanlal team's Chithram.
         This movie is entirely different from 'Mayamohini' or 'Mummy & Me'. The main positive side of the movie is Janapriyanayakan Dileep himself. As usual he makes us laugh with his one-liners, expressions, movements and steals the show entirety. To an extent Mamta did justice to her role, but at some parts she seems lost especially during emotional scenes. Sai Kumar and Mukesh also needs special mentioning for their roles.
          Cinematographer Anil Nair has done an appreciable job. Jithu Joseph with a neat direction and with the help of an appreciable script, My Boss can be stated as a decent entertainer.


Initial reports shows that My Boss is gonna have a decent business in the Boxoffice. Dileep proves again with 'My Boss' that he is Janapriyanayakan. My Boss is receiving highly encouraging word of mouth from all around.
2 days collection is estimated to be 1.04 crores.
5 days collection is estimated to be 2.40 crores (1400 theatrical shows).
14 days collection is estimated to be 4.7 crores.
19 days collection is estimated to be 6.30 crores.
30 days collection is estimated to be 10.38 crores.. Another superhit for Dileep in 2012
My Boss is second blockbuster for Dileep in 2012. My Boss which is nearing its 50 days run has collected around 12 Crores with 9000 number of shows. It still holds up in 15 theaters even after 4 Christmas releases which includes 2 superstar releases.
The total number of shows has reached 9,500. My Boss is one among the highest grossers of 2012.

Top 5 thrilling Introduction scenes of MOHANLAL

Three decade long career, acted in more than 300 films and Mohanlal is one of the greatest actors ever produced by India. Even in his 50s, he is enjoying a huge fanbase all over kerala. Even in 2012, he had a blockbuster and a superhit in his credit. He was elected as most popular Keralite in a 2006 online poll conducted by CNN-IBN on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Kerala's formation.
I discussed with my friends, Mohanlal well wishers and fans to list the Top 5 introduction scenes from Lalettan movies.

1) Narasimham

                        Narasimham is considered to be an all time highest grossing movie in Malayalam Cinema when the collection is adjusted to inflation, considering the high increase in number of releasing theatres, ticket rates and money value. It stood as the highest grossing malayalam movie for over 6 years. The film completed 200 days in a theatre and 150 days in three theatres. The movie was directed by Shaji Kailas and written by Ranjith
                        Mohanlal's introduction in 'Narasimham' as induchoodan is an epic one. Lalettan craze spread all over kerala through this movie. Narasimham's english translation is Lion-man and the director of the movie visually synchronised footsteps of Mohanlal and a real Lion thus made it a wonderful visual treat.

2) Twenty20

                             Directed by Joshiy, Twenty20 will always be a special movie for malayalee film-goers as it brought almost every stars under the same platform. It is much more special for Mohanlal Fans since the introduction scenes of Mohanlal is a blow at Mammootty. As the movie progress there are many interesting encounters between them and finally Mammootty supports Mohanlal to end kinda revenge story in stylish manner. Upon it's release, Twenty 20 managed to break all the box office records. The movie was well received in Tamil Nadu as well. Twenty 20 is graded as an 'All time Blockbuster'

3) Sagar Alias Jacky

                          Sagar Alias Jacky is one of the much hyped movie in the malayalam industry. This action flick was directed by Amal Neerad who did the cinematography as well. The film was produced by Aashirvad Cinemas. It was the sequel of 1987 superhit movie 'Irupatham Noottandu' in which Mohanlal runs a clandestine gold smuggling business. In the Introduction scene, Mohanlal is disguised as Police superintendent preceding Dubai Police Force. The dubbed version of the movie was also released in Hindi.

4) Spadikam

  In Spadikam, Mohanlal is characterised as aadu thoma, sort of bad guy with habits like drinking the blood of goat. Spadikam was released in 1995, written and directed by Badhran. The film was well received by the critics as well as public and the film was a blockbuster.

5) Rajavinte Makan

                           I included Introduction in Rajavinte Makan without considering Naran, NattiRajavu etc because this is a unique one. It depicts the actual status, honour and respect we malayalees give to Mohanlal , our Lalettan - The Prince of Kerala. Rajavinte Makan is 1986 film directed by Thampi Kannanthanam and written by Denny Joseph. One of the earliest hits of mohanlal and it is this movie that turned Mohanlal into a superstar overnight. The film's racy script and hard hitting punch dialogues made the movie a huge success in boxoffice.

Some of the recent best introduction of Mohanlal is in Casanovva(including the song), Run Babby Run, Karmayodha etc

Thuppakki Tamil Movie Review and BoxOffice Collection Report


                Thuppakki is never a one man show, superhero movie as we expect about vijay movies. AR Murugadoss has perfectly blended vijay's mass image with a racy script and thus a complete entertainer is Thuppakki. The cinematographer Santhosh Sivan and the editor Sreekar Prasad are the persons who deserves to be applauded next. The introduction scene of Vijay is well pictured and importantly not exaggerated.
       Vijay has succesfully conveyed the undercover intelligence officer in an outstandingly stylish and convincing manner. Also Vijay's costumes were appreciable. Eventhough the character was on an impossible mission, the director has made it believable.
       Vidyut Jamwal, the villain has done a superb job. One of the major advantage of the movie is that the villain is as brainy as the hero.
        According to me one of the unforgettable scenes in the movie is when Vijay single handedly takes on 12 sleeper cells. The stunts were really realistic. The climax fight scene is bit messy and little uconvincing as he confronts the villain for the first time. Kajal Aggarwal looks hot and her saucy scenes with Vijay were refreshing. The comedy scenes are hilarious. Sathyan is casted as the friend of vijay while Jayaram as the senior officer in his army.
       Frankly most of the songs weren't well placed. Choreography didn't keep up the level. Thumbs up for harris jayaraj for 'Google Google' and background music.
    All in all Thuppakki is a perfect Diwali entertainer and a must watch.


            Reports says that Thuppakki made an earth shattering opening not only in tamil nadu but also in international market. Most of the theatres had 100% occupancy.
Below is the daily collection updates....
First day collection is estimated to be 11.03 Cr.....First day collection is third highest ever behind Enthiran and Nanban.
Day 2 Box Office Collection: 13.65 Cr
Day 3 Box Office Collection: 11.05 Cr
Day 4 Box Office Collection: 9.54 Cr
Day 5 Box Office Collection: 9.10 Cr
Day 6 Box Office Collection: 9.35 Cr
Day 7 Box Office Collection: 9.35 Cr
Day 8 Box Office Collection: 8.03 Cr
Day 9 Box Office Collection: 7.49 Cr
Day 10 Box Office Collection: 7.35
Day 11 Box Office Collection: 7.10
Day 12 Box Office Collection: 7.26 Crores
13 Box Office Collection: 8.12 Crores
14 Box Office Collection: 7.42 Crores
15 Box Office Collection: 6.96 Crores
16 Box Office Collection: 6.30 Crores
17 Box Office Collection: 5.65 Crores
18 Box Office Collection: 5.02 Crores
19 Box Office Collection: 5.11 Crores
20 Box Office Collection: 4.52 Crores
21 Box Office Collection: 3.05 Crores
22 Box Office Collection: 2.27 Crores
23 Box Office Collection: 2.21 Crores
24 Box Office Collection: 1.90 Crores
25 Box Office Collection: 1.63 crores
26 Box Office Collection: 1.35 crores
27 Box Office Collection: 1.30 Crores
28 Box Office Collection: 1.20 Crores
29 Box Office Collection:0.95 Crores
30 Box Office Collection: 0.90 Crores
31 Box Office Collection:0.84 Crores
32 Box Office Collections:0.76 Crores

Total Box Office Collections: 177.36 Cr approx

Thuppakki is the biggest blockbuster in tamil industry in 2012.

DDLJ - Longest running movie in theatres completed 17 years

‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ is the longest running indian movie in the history of cinema and the film has already completed long 17 years.
       The epic love story movie, 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' started its successful run on 20th Oct 1995 at the theater Maratha Mandir in Mumbai. The movie was produced by Yash Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. It was directed by Mr Aditya Chopra and starred by King Khan Sharukh and Kajol. The music of DDLJ was composed by Jatin Lalit and lyrics were pennef by Anannd Baksshi. DDLJ was Aditya Chopra’s first film as director and it was for the first time SRK appeared on screen in a total romantic role.
   Upon its release, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge became the biggest blockbuster of the year, also the movie won several awards including 10 Filmfare Awards and a National Award. DDLJ was also enlisted in "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", the only indian film included in the list along with the film Mother India. DDLJ is one among Robert Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's favourite five movie list.
    DDLJ became the longest film running ever by beating Sholay(1975). Sholay ran five years completely at Minerva Theater which is very close to Maratha Mandir where DDLJ is continuing it's successful run. Mughal-e-Azam(1960) of Dilip Kumar ran for three years, but the above mentioned years and mass response towards DDLJ is incomparable.
- The film runs at house full shows in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir theatre even at 17th year, and 874th week. Surprisingly, the tickets for the morning show at 11.30 am are almost always sold out at an earlier stage itslef!
- on the 17th Anniversary of the nation’s favourite film, King Khan’s loyal fans have made #DDLJ a trending topic on the social networking site.
- Aditya chopra planned to make DDLJ in english & he wanted to cast Tom cruise opposite an indian girl.He wanted to portray a love story between a london boy & indian girl.

Ayalum Njanum thammil Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report

After Spanish Masala and Diamond Necklace, ANT is Lal Jose's third venture which shows what a terrific director he is. Another notable point is that this is a comeback project for young actor prithvi after many failures. Prithviraj is spectacular as Ravi Tharakan and can be stated as his best performance of the year.
    The screenplay by Bobby and Sanjay connects incidents and occurrences in a way that does not let the viewer relax or find a comfort zone. Cutting back and forth, it unfolds the story of Ravi Tharakan. The film is conveyed in a non-linear manner same as that of the narration done in Traffic. Jomon T John's cinematography leaves us spell bound yet again, Each frame suited the emotions, colors, and the feel of the characters.
      Impressively directed and well acted, Ayalum Njanum Thammil is yet another must watch film from director Lal Jose.


3 days - 1.74 crores. Has a got a good opening considering the challenge from JOV
13 days - 5.30 crores. Overtook JOV in collection and declared as a safe venture.
ANT was hardly hit by theatre strike. It is estimated that ANT would have lost more than 1cr due to the strike. The current collection update is that it grossed 5.96 crores.
Ayalum Njanum Thammil has made the year right for Prithviraj. ANT has collected a total of 6.28 Crores in it's lifetime run.

Jawan Of Vellimala Malayalam Movie Review and BoxOffice Collection Report

PLOT :Gopikrishnan (played by Mammootty) is a retired jawan of the Indian Army who has to come to Vellimala where he works as an operator. A dam build in vennimala was his the contribution of his father to the people there.
Verghese ( role played by Sreenivasan) is a managing engineer at Vellimala dam and Anita (role played by Mamtha Mohandhas) is a camp officer posted in vennimala. Khosy Omen (role played by Asif Ali) is a youth leader reaches vennimala to settle all his due bills. Chacko (role played by Baburaj) is an engineer.


As expected JOV is the highest grosser of its releasing week despite the competition from Ayalum Njanum Thammil.
2.65 crores is its collection from 5 days.
13 days collection is nearly 4.5 crores with 3800 theatrical shows.
Despite encouraging collections in the opening weeks, huge number of removals from theatres due to consecutive new releases.
Theatre strike, new malayalam and tamil releases effected JOV miserably.
Much expected JOV failed to create waves in BO and ended as a flop.
(no official references about the final collection)

Heights of Malayalam Actors and Actresses - Checkout how tall our celebrities are

Compare the heights of our superstars, main actors - actresses and don't forget to leave your comment....:)

Main Actors

  • Mammootty                                                                      5 ft 8 in / 178 cm
  • Mohanlal                                             5 ft 6 in / 172 cm
  • Prithviraj                                            5 ft 9 in / 181 cm
  • Jayaram                                             6 ft 0 in / 182 cm
  • Dileep                                                 5 ft 3 in / 163 cm
  • Suresh Gopi                                        6 ft 1 in / 185 cm
  • Dulquer Salmaan                                6 ft 0 in / 182 cm
  • Asif Ali                                               5 ft 6 in  / 170 cm
  • Jayasurya                                           5 ft 7 in  / 173 cm
  • Kunchako Boban                                 5 ft 5 in  / 170 cm
  • Indrajith                                             5 ft 6 in  / 172 cm

Supporting Actors

  • Lal                                                     6 ft 3 in  / 192 cm
  • Sreenivasan                                       5 ft 4 in  / 164 cm
  • Babu Antony                                     6 ft 2 in  / 189 cm
  • Captian Raju                                     6 ft 2 in  / 188 cm
  • Mukesh                                              5 ft 8 in  / 177 cm
  • Siddeque                                           5 ft 6 in  / 172 cm
  • Vineeth Sreenivasan                         5 ft 4 in  / 165 cm
  • Vineeth                                             5 ft 7 in  / 173 cm
  • Bala                                                  5 ft 8 in  / 177 cm
  • Rahman                                            6 ft 0 in  / 183 cm
  • Biju Menon                                       6 ft 0 in  / 183 cm
  • Manoj K jayan                                  6 ft 1 in  / 185 cm

Note : 
   Let me know, if you know the actual heights of any of the celebrities. We have made best efforts to get the exact information. In my search for the exact height of celebrities we have even found some extremely conflicting datas!! If you feel that your information is conflicting with that given here, feel free 2 share your thought with us. If the source of your information is trustworthy and more accurate, proper corrections will be made.

Mythili without MAKE UP - Malayalam Actress

Do you remember mohanlals dialogue from udayananu tharam to sreenivasan : ' MAKE UPinokke oru limit illade??'
This post is about MYTHILIs make over....in coming posts gonna include more stars, actresses....especially the cine heartthrobsss....;)

"Aaaaa Monj kondoooo sireeeeeeee..." How elegantly she is presented before us?

Oooopss.....All that glitters are not gold.... If this is her original face, why the shortage for actresses?

Petta thalla sahikooola... I will point out thousands of girls much better than this from my local place....

Trivandrum Lodge Malayalam movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report

Kudos to Anoop.....what a transition from 'Beautiful'
Jayasurya, Dhwani (no more Honey Rose)
Each department did their job well especially cinematography
Songs and Bijibal's background score
A movie for the youth
Adult jokes
Perfect 'INTERVAL' timing.....:D you will understand it when you see the movie

Everyone who liked 'Beautiful' may not like TL...entirely different movies
Family audiences better to avoid this film
Verdict- Different, bold, well-scripted, well-directed and with good performances. Must-watch!!


Trivandrum Lodge collected 1.17 crores in 3 days which is huge for such a low profile movie.
7 days collection is estimated to be 2.10 Crores. Trivandrum Lodge isn't at all visited by the families due to it's contents. The film collected 2.53 crores in 10 days.
The film collected 4.05 crores in 17 days.
The film collected 4.37 crores in 31 days. Anoop Menon has the last laugh. Trivandrum Lodge is a profitable venture for it's producers.
Even without any support from the family side, Trivandrum Lodge successfully collected 4.49 Crores thus becoming a profitable venture.

Husbands in Goa Malayalam Movie review and Boxoffice collection report

The movie Husbands in Goa tells the story of three friends (Jayasurya who is a CA, Asif Ali who is an interior designer, Indrajith who is an advocate) married to three beautiful women. Inorder to get away from their wives, they escape on to goa. Incidentally, their wives comes to know that and sets to catch red handed.On their way to Goa, the three freinds meet another stranger(role played by lal) who jumps them into grave problems

+VES :
1st Half (In positive section because of second half)
Jayan - Indran - Lal - Asif ( Superb combination)
Wholy Colourful
The remade song

-VES :
Predictable Climax
Happy Husbands track itself
Someone please ban MG shreekumar


The movie has collected 2.07 crores in 3 days
The movie has collected  2.90 crores in 7 days
The movie has collected 3.76 crores in 10 days
The movie has collected 5.15 crores in 28 days
The movie has collected 4.65 crores in 31 Days
Finalised the collection around 5 crores.

Bhama's Modern look

Its so fascinating to see how actresses are portrayed in different industries where they are alien to the viewers.
   Recently she was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly mentioned that the roles she wanted to do in Malayalam, she is getting them in Kannada and she is quite happy about it.
       Malayalam village girl Bhama seems to have fallen in love with Sandalwood and in her kannada movies she is quite glamorous.
     Malayalees.....We can see bhama with Nivin Pauly in absolute modern looks ;). The movie is titled 'Neram' which is releasing in tamil also.
Did you like the glamorous makeover of bhama?

Mohanlal without makeup and hair wig

Have you ever doubt if Mohanlal or any other actor is wearing a wig?
That's true but the fact is that it is not just normal wig, it is called hair fixing.
'The Prince' is the last movie in which Mohanlal appeared without any wig. He has been using this hair fixing from the film 'Rakhta Saksikal Sindabad'.
Not only Mohanlal, most of the prominent actors in Malayalam (including Mammootty, Jayaram, Jayasurya, Kunchacko Boban, Prithviraj etc) and other film industries are following this technique. This sort of hair fixing is normal nowadays when actors having enough hair also uses it for stylish purposes.
          Hair Fixing is done by first of all shaving of the whole existing hair. Then a patch of hair particularly designed for certain shaped head are pasted on the head. This will stay on the head for a minimum of two-three weeks until the sticking property diminishes. This patch of hair will be exactly a look alike of the original hair.

Run Baby Run Malyalam movie review and Boxoffice collection report : Starring Mohanlal, Amala paul

If you liked Twenty20, Christian Brothers surely you gonna enjoy this movie because it is a typical Joshiy film. The script is predictable but made interesting with classic jokes and thrilling twists. Most of the twists are predictable but the skilful execution of the plot by director Joshiy makes it entertaining. It is a good Onam treat from Joshiy - Mohanlal team. The movie is an ultimate commercial combination of genres thriller and comedy.      Venu (Role played by Mohanlal) is internationally acknowledged journalist working even for Reuters. When he returns back to Kerala after a long time, he incidentally meets his former relationship partner Renuka(Role played by Amala Paul). They gets separated after a failure of a plan they works on for the initial launch of a channel by the character played by Biju Menon. They successfully sneaks and shoots a scam taking place between an industrialist played by Siddeque and a senior minister played by Sai Kumar,
  As always our lalettan has done a appreciable job. Amala paul, Biju Menon, Siddeque have done their part convincingly. Cinematographer RD Rajashekhar needs special appreciation for his work. As usual Joshiy has done full justice to the subject at hand and has delivered perfectly well.
      Predictable script
      Usual Climax
Verdict : A watchable thriller


Run Baby Run was released in a total of 72 theatres all over Kerala . Apart from Kerala, the movie was released in major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Banglore.
The critical responses and word of mouth indicates that Run Baby Run will be a blockbuster.
        Run Baby Run takes a grand opening of 90 lakhs with the support of Mohanlals huge fan following. At Angamaly Carinal cinemas, the film was housefull for all the six shows in the opening day. The film had collected approximately 3.6 Lakhs from the newly opened multiplex at Angamaly.
     2 days collection at 1.47 cr.
     5 days collection at 3.95 cr....fabulous......
     10 days distributor share is 4.25 cr of total 7.25 cr...... SUPER HIT
     12 days collection at whoooping 8.40 cr.......
     26 days collection at 13.02 Crores.... BLOCKBUSTER
     31 days collection at 13.55 Crores....huge removals will effect the collection
     33 days collection at 13.79 Crores.....running in 25 theatres
44 days collection at 14.00 Crores......
50 days collection at 14.33 crores....successfully running in 13 theatres
14.21 Crores from 54 Days.....
A movie which wasn't expected to collect more than 10 crores.
Now it had collected whooping 16.21 crores.

Thappana Malayalam Movie Review and Boxoffice Collection Report : Starring Megastar Mammootty, Charmy kaur

Review : 
            First of all let me remind you, If you wanna watch this malayalam film "Thappana", then don't go with much expectations.
    "Thappana" starts off with Samson (role played by Mammootty) and Mallika (role played by Charmy) released from the jail. Samson is a local criminal and jail term is not new for him, On the other side Mallika is sentenced to prison for killing a man to save her own husband. After the jail term, Samson develops some soft corner for
Mallika. Some strange incidents led Samson to escort Mallika to her home safely.
    Thappana has a simple story. The first half of the movie is interesting and simple with perfect take off ,logical humour, a beautiful song namely 'Oorum Perum' and fine performance from our megastar mammookka. The second half of  Thappana is as well enjoyable with some extremely beautiful shots of karippa village, some laugh-out-loud comedy sequences and an ordinary climax. I am sure that film won't disappoint you and will be liked by family viewers.
          It is good news for Mammootty Fans that Thappana has received the best word of mouth for any Mammootty film over the past 18 months.


          Comedy sequences
          Cast performance

          Predictable Climax - not bad at all
          Old wine in new kuppi


   Released in 77 theatres in kerala and the first day collection is 70 lacks which is above average opening. Thappana has managed a better public opinion which will help in its long run.
     The film is heading towards 3.5 Crore in the opening week with a distributor share of 1.6 cr.
Its known that there had been only 3 removals after 2 weeks run which is highly encouraging.
    Grossed exactly 3.48 crores from 8 days.Thappana is slowly picking up its collection.
        Thappana is getting steady collections in its second week. Trending looks like the film will ends Mammootty’s long wait for a solid hit.
      5.15 crores from 15 days.
      5.77 crores from 22 days..... RBR effect in collection ;)
      Final collection is figured to be around 7.50 crores. Producer Milan Jaleel himself has stated Thappana as a safe venture and a hit. But Thappana didnt perform in BO as expected.

Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report 2012 - summarized

Last Updated ()

      Mayamohini - 19.63 cr
      Ordinary - 15.10 cr
      Run Babby Run - 14.21 cr
      My Boss - 12 cr (50 days)


      Usthad Hotel - 9.12 Cr
      Spirit - 8.2 cr

      22 Female kottayam - 4.52 cr
      Diamond Necklace - 5.26 cr
      Mallu Singh - 8.48
      GRANDMASTER - 7.00 cr
      Cobra - 6.05 cr
      Second Show - 3.43 cr
      Ayalum Njanum Thammil - 6.28 cr
      Mr.marumakan - 7.90 cr
      THAPPANA - 7.50 cr


      The King and The Commissioner - 11.50 cr - Below Average
      Ee Adutha Kalath - 2.55 - Above Average


      BACHELOR PARTY : 4.68 cr
      HERO - 1.87 cr
      Thiruvambadi Thamban - 1.04 cr
      Masters - 3.50 cr
      Spanish Masala - 6.90 cr
      Casanovva - 14.90
      Padmasree Bharat Dr Sarojkumar - 1.40 cr
      Asuravithu - 0.63 cr
      Kunjaliyan - 0.76 cr
      CINEMA COMPANY - 0.30 cr
      Friday - 0.95 cr
      Jawan of Vellimala - around 5 cr


      Simhasanam - 1.46 cr
      Face To Face - below 2 cr

- Highest grossers of 2012 -Malayalam Box Office update
- Top 10 must watch malayalam movies of 2012

10 continuous flop list completed by Shaji Kailas with SIMHASANAM

Born               : August 17, 1965 (age 47)
Occupation     : Film director,Screenwriter
Years activ     : 1989 - present
Spouse           : Annie

          Shaji Kailas is one among the leading Malayalam Film Directors known for his action films. He entered movie industry with the movie 'news' starring suresh gopi. His movies like The Commissioner, Narasmiham, The King , Aram Thampuran, Valyettan where celebrated by fans and where huge commercial successes in the box office.
    The year 2000 was a something special for Shaji Kailas as he brought out two huge hits in a row. Narasimham, released in the first weeks of the year, with Mohanlal in the lead role swept the box office and create a Mohanlal mania over the state. Next Shaji kailas along with Mammootty created a boom in box office with valyettan.
    Its seen that in the recent times the usual Shaji kailas formula isnt working out well with the audience as well the critics.With his latest release SIMHASANAM starring Prithviraj, he completed 10 flops in a row. His last successful movies are  Chinthamani Kolacase and The Tiger (2006) starring Suresh Gopi in both.
In this list of 10 flops, Superstar's Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi has three films each and Dileep, Prithviraj has one each. Among the 10, 'Red Chilies' and 'The King and the Commissioner' were the most awaited movies by the respective fans. But both not only disappointed them but also terribly failed in the boxoffice.
                             Following is the list of Shaji Kailas's 10 continuous Flops list from 2006 to 2012:

1) The Don

       The Don was much hyped movie for the Dileep's avatar as a Don. The script work was done by J Pallasery.

2) BabaKalyani (2006)

      Baba Kalyani, a movie released in 2006 in which Mohanlal dons the role of an undercover secret officer. A racy script work done by SN swami but failed to do well in box office.

3) Time (2007)

      A suspense thriller starring Suresh Gopi in the lead as a police officer. The camera work were done by Raja ratnam. The movie was failure in box office.

4) Ali Bhai (2007)

      Again, another Mohanlal starrer in which he enacts the role of a local goon. The movie was intially well recieved by the fans due to the huge hype but failed to create any impact in the box office. The movie was not able recover the budget of 5 crores.

5) Sound of Boot (2008)

     Another Suresh Gopi movie which was released in 2008. This was the only movie of Shaji Kailas which was released in 2008.

6) Red Chilies (2009)

     Red Chilies was one of the most hyped movie of 2009 starring Mohanlal. But the movie was disaster due to it's poor scripting and presentation. This movie was budgeted around 4.5 Crores.

7) Drona 2010

One of the most hyped movie of Mammootty in 2010 in which Mammootty appears in double role. The songs done by Deepak dev were instant hit but the movie was a failure in box office.

8) August 15 (2011)

 Another Mammootty starrer and this movie is the sequel of blockbuster movie 'August 1'. The movie had a wide release and was backed up with modern technology. But the movie was a disaster in box office.

9) The king and the commissioner (2012)

 A movie which had a potential of being a blockbuster in which the epic characters, Joseph Alex and Barath Chandran unites. The movie was well received by fans but failed to recover the huge budget of 8 Crores. The movie was produced by Anto Joseph.

10) Simhasanam (2012)

 Starring prithviraj, the movie was released towards the end of 2012. This movie was scripted by Shaji Kailas himself. Adinte oru kuravu venda.

Next confirmed movies of Shaji kailas are Madirasi and Ginger both starred by jayaram whose movies are missing from the above list.....

Ajith's dashing muscular look at gym during workout

Ajith has been in heavy workout of around six and half hours at gym daily. The workout is for his new movie with director Vishnuvardhan. The new flick has not been named yet. First teaser has already been out and is going viral across the web.

Mammootty 25 different Hairstyles

In my collection there are over 30....I rounded the figure out by opting out similar hairstyles with the help of my friends....Here are the collection of 25 variety hairstyles of Mammootty - Our Own Mammookka. What makes him unique is that even in his 60s he looks better than the present young stars.
       If i have missed any hairstyles, you can point it out. Also tell me about your favorite, disliked choices......Feel Free to Express

Mayavi hairstyle
Parunthu hairstyle
Cobra hairstyle
Best Actor Hairstyle
Bombay March 12 Hairstyle

Thappana Hairstyle
The king hairstyle
Tharadas Hairstyle
Big B hairstyle
Pazhassiraja Hairstyle
Kuttisrank  Hairstyle
Perumal  Hairstyle
Dhrona  Hairstyle

Rajamanikyam  Hairstyle

Ambedkar  Hairstyle
Prajapathi  Hairstyle
Loudspeaker  Hairstyle

Comparing the BIG M's - MAMMOOTTY and MOHANLAL

Top 6 Malayalam actresses without Make Up
Jugru Rocks - Best of Jugru from Philips and Monkey Pen 
Dulquer Salmaan Introduction Scene from Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi 

Mammootty and Mohanlal is considered to be the greatest actors in India. In terms of Acting caliber they are as good as the best in the world. They have been the backbone of Malayalam industry for 3 decades. All these years malayalees loved them and still now have a huge fan following varying from Teen to Old aged.

Everything you should know about Mohanlal
Everything you should know about Mammootty
NOW a brief study of their acting career and judging them with the roles they have done :

Mohanlal is known to be inborn actor ,undoubtedly yes and its clear from his movies.Mammootty is criticized or it can be taken as plus that he isn't a natural actor. Mammootty answers the questioning of his acting capability through his award showcase.It can be noted that Mammootty gives different feel for each of his characters with variety looks and dialogue delivery styles.Some of his characters like Ambedhkar, Varunni ,Putturumees are examples. Mohanlal has his own realistic way of acting and it will be reflected in each of his characters. He manages each character with great ease and have got many appreciation from legends of all time.


                         Mohanlal , he is undisputed king in comedy.His movies in 20th century are evergreen for its comedy.Movies of priyadarshan-mohanlal combo are just few examples. He rose into the current fame through Comedy. Everyone(including me) believed comedy won't go right with Mammootty.Lately he proved he isn't bad at all with few movies like rajamanikyam.

                      Am totally confused.Leaving this to you guys.


                      Mohanlal has hundreds of movies in his credit.Even then there are some favorite characters done by Mammootty.
                 While Mammootty have been a family man in his movies, Mohanlal a romantic hero in their respective old movies.


                           Mohanlal's career is blessed with Classic Songs. Actually we malayalees are blessed :)
Mammootty's rakuyillin raja sadas is outstanding among his movies.


                    Vote goes to Mammootty.When he cries something really touches our heart.He has great ability in that. Valsalyam, Palunku, Poo Mukha Padiyil Ninneyum Kathu, Pappayude swantham Appoose, Karutha Pakshikal, Kathodu Kathoram, Mathilukal, Yathra and many more.
But I love the climax scene from chithram which is incredibly awesome.


                I will eagerly write an essay appreciating Mammootty's dialogue delivery skill. He is having wonderful vocals and best masculine voice in the industry. His dialogues in English are pakka.Compare the difference in dialogue delivery styles in movies like Mrigaya, Vidheyan, Ambedkar, Soorya Manasam, Kottayam kunjachan,, Ponthan Maada, Karutha Pakshikal, Dalapathy, Raja Manikyam,  Amaram, Mathilukal, Sethu Ramayaar CBI ,Pranjiyettan, Loudspeaker, Bus conductorChattambinaadu and..........
Mohanlal is at his best in Narasimham in the above category. Each dialogues had great impact - the way he delivered was unbelievable. And yeah his punch dialogues like 'nee poo mone dinesha' are all time trend setters.

Mohanlal is better than Mammootty in the above category.


       Mammootty is damn hot in every sense.He was even selected as sexiest actor by a poll conducted by vanitha among its female readers.He is considered as Style Icon
by the present generation too.He is evergreen in his looks.Will u believe that Mohanlal is around 10 year younger than Mammootty.
Mohanlal has his own style.He recent best look is in chandrolsavam and casanovva. He looks best in mundu.


            Mohanlal - Narasimham,Sagar Alias Jacky
            Mammootty - Best Actor, PokkiriRaja
Some more suggestions....


OMG....i hate when Mammootty dances and yeah most of malayalees.But the few steps from Best Actor were well choreographed and well picturised.
And of course I love the way Mohanlal dance.

Now its your turn to comment